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Ya Know I’m Wondering If I’m Ever Making Sense

I’m starting to remember, years back, up in the Pocono’s, I had been helping an old friend out, helping him polish up his old cabin on the mountain, spring had us thinking about decks, we drew up some plans! We’d worked with this inspector throughout the winter, we had no real issues here, he saw we pulled a permit to build the deck, he stopped by one day, late afternoon, he greeted us telling us he was glad he caught us, uh oh, Mo and me looked at each other, is it time to run?, sorry, you know, old habits so hard to break, he said he wanted to talk a little with us about decks, he began by telling us that every building inspector had a pet peeve, that his pet peeve was decks, bad decks, he told us already there were too many bad decks up on this mountain, that on his watch there wouldn’t be any more! Ya know, my brain gets all mucked up, trying to keep up with all in my world happening today, so what’s my point ya ask, ya know, if it walks like, talks like, yada, yada, yada, got a comment on my site the other day, it said I should start a blog all about the world ending in 2012, I’m just saying…, ya know? So not much buzz around about those flooded nuke plants in Nebraska, then again what can they say, at least I know Lindsay Lohan will be spending another weekend semi free in Venice, wow, a few rooms with a view. Man it must be nice, where the debris meets the sea, what changed? A pretty shocking tid bit here, it seems NATO is running out of weapons fighting a third world war, wait just a minute here, hold on, I really said that wrong, what I meant was NATO was running out of weapons fighting a war with a third world country…, there, a real mouthful, ya know, it sounds just as bad saying it either way! So, is anyone keeping up with the action in silver and gold, the last two days I’ve watched it in free flight, or better said, free fall, gold right now is off 3.26% this week, silvers off 6.69%. Not to worry, right now the gold silver ratio has climbed to 43.83, what I heard was resistance was at 44, that if it can punch up through, that it would run up straight through 48, I’ve been waiting for this since the beginning of May! I’m a believer, well…, I guess I was a believer, I remember when I first heard him talk, I got right up, out of my chair, ” And The Dream Will Never Die”, I believed, I guess he lost me when I heard him talking about creating jobs in rural America, that’s when I knew this guy could really talk, beginning to sound like all talk, so I guess summing this up, I’ve heard the thunder, I’ve seen the lightning, what I really want is for it to rain!

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  1. Mark Stellar

    July 1, 2011 @ 10:30 pm

    The price of gold has come down to about 1480. What price do you think I should wait for. Do you think it could go to 1200. I would rather own gold than silver. I don’t understand about the ratio. What’s that have to do with how much money I can make. I would like to take a little from my paycheck and invest it in gold. I get paid every two weeks. I couldn’t buy very much each time.

  2. Jim K.

    July 2, 2011 @ 7:50 am

    Hello Mark,
    Timing the market is hard to do. Anybody’s guess. Remember, metals don’t pay dividends and you can sit on it for years as inflation makes it worth less every day if it’s not going up.
    Long term, gold should do well if you can wait it out and if world politics don’t drive it down to $1000. The ratio thing he’s talking about could take years to materialize, and might not work in your favor when it does. I’m holding gold, silver and copper futures, but not too much in it. Equities are strong right now, but who knows.
    Jim K.

  3. alchemystic

    July 2, 2011 @ 8:19 am

    Well… An ounce of gold today buys about the same as an ounce of gold 100 years back, a fine suit, shirt, shoes, tie, maybe even a carnation for your lapel. The value of the metal doesn’t change, what changes is the value of the currency your using to buy the metal. About the ratio, you just keep on with your thoughts on that, I’ll be sticking to my guns. So far as stocks, yea they all went up this week on low volume, it looks sorta rigged, and then there are those algos I’ve been hearing a lot about lately. Ya know, I really love this dog of mine, don’t think I’d be willing to send her into that fight

  4. alchemystic

    July 2, 2011 @ 8:44 am

    Daily I read franklin sanders gold commentary on http://www.goldprice.org if you go back through his posts you will gather a lot of useful information. The other day he closed with this— “Bulls get rich, Bears get rich, Pigs get slaughtered!!!

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