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Where Do I Start?

What the hell, how about Sarah Palin, what was she doing in Nashville any how, if a true patriot is what she claims to be, she would have been standing guard in Alaska, on the lookout for invading Russians, you know, the Russians she told us all about, the ones she can see from the front porch of her home, or was it her back door, who cares, actually that was all a bunch of nonsense, you know, the same as most everything that comes out of her mouth! This woman is the poster child for all that’s wrong with American Politics, reaking of hypocrisy, expressing great disdain for the rule of law, an unyielding desire to drag us back into the fascist policies of the last decade, of the last administration. A funny thing about human nature, when one is pressed, the tendency is to go with what you know. Amid a vicious critique of President Obama’s use of telepromters, we all saw Palin glancing at the palm of her hand, is this the same strategy that got her through school? Is this one more example of hypocrisy, or is it something far beyond, hard to say, I keep going back and forth between dishonesty, and stupidity! What about scribbling notes on a legal pad, I understand her not wanting to use a telepromter, the day before she demonized those, cheat notes however were a poor choice. So I wonder, what is her plan, is it a run for the Presidency, picking someone with a real brain as a running mate, taking the oath of office, then lying down, you all remember, I’m going fishing. Its not that hope and change isn’t working, she, as well as many in Congress, seem intent on killing hope, intent on blocking change. We came so close to loosing our country through the last decade, loosing all of what this country of ours stands for, our freedoms, the voice of our people, they almost pulled it off, where we are, as a country today, is directly related, to policies of the last administration, to feed the corporate greed, most jobs were shipped overseas. If we employ the tactics of our enemies, we are no better, our country’s foundation is freedom, our founding fathers were intent on removing religion from the debate, we did not torture our enemies, we stood for freedom of speech. I love our country, I’ve taken time to read our Constitution, Dickinsons copy, the original document, the four page final draft. This document is not so complex, that one needs to be a scholar to understand, however, where we are today, a legal scholar benefits us all, if our intention is to get back on track. I am grateful for our President, that he doesn’t lay down, that he’s prepared to stand and fight. I count on him to take back our country from the corporations, and get it back to the people, to break up the monopolies, to enforce anti trust laws, to put an end to price fixing. The buzz word these days is socialism, I guess the neoconservatives felt liberal had lost its traction, the threat that looms menacingly over all our heads is fascism

Credit where credit is due: I’d like to express my thanks to my content advisor, from the Mountains of North Carolina, a Bonified American, The Moonshine Alchemyst

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  1. lynn

    February 9, 2010 @ 10:39 pm

    Hey Ed…..Nice job…….maybe you should be a History teacher…the kids might listen!…love you

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