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When Yin And Yang Collide!

Sometimes shadows are slow to let go, do they hang around, knowing, from time to time, we’re all gonna need some shade. So here we go, on Chinese New Year no less, Cheney vs. Biden, Yin vs.Yang, a battle between the Dark, and The Light. Its just not supposed to work this way, there’s no battle supposed to be going on here, this should be all about the balance. Spend a little time out on the Dunes in Death Valley and see how important it is, finding a little shade, camped out, in some deep southwestern canyon, swallowed by darkness, until a moon, rises up above the cliffs. This is not one side against the other! Let me ask you this, did you see any film footage from Mavericks yesterday, I’m not talking about those rouge waves, I’m talking about working with what comes at ya, pretty clear, collisions don’t work out there, what works, is when everything, all forces, achieve a balance. I tell ya, things are getting all out of whack, none of us, got no money, for no beer, no more, at least in the past, we could all drink, and forget, now, it seems our destiny, a sentence, sitting around sober, thinking. Was it Karl Rove who said, we don’t need educated voters, are there any quotes from him, on the benefit vs. harm caused by sobriety? But you know, everything is cool, we got Value Menus out here, everyone can eat, anyone can always get a dollar! Sometimes you need some shade from the light, other times you need to light up the shadows, its all about opposing forces, working together, adjusting, achieving a balance.

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