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What’s My Gripe Today

Well I guess this Korea/USA FTA is a good for a start, here we go again, what about jobs for us, what about buying American again. Patriotism, doesn’t this mean we take care of our own, that we support the businesses that support us, business that keep our jobs in our communities, within our borders not the corporations that ship our jobs offshore. Big Oil, their the villain this week, about this FTA, not so much as a peep about this on the Network News, Congress looks to run this bill through, I’m hearing sometime in June. In California, 459,503 jobs are jeopardized if this bill is signed into law, in Nevada, 7,937, in Arizona, 62,928, in Colorado, 44,653, in Utah, 19,229, and in New Mexico, 5,671 jobs will be jeopardized as well. We are all still feeling backlash from NAFTA, this is just more of the same, intent on stripping the wealth away from Middle Americans, then handing it off to a chosen few. Last night at my Union Meeting they were handing off $20 gift cards for groceries to our members who for too long have been out of work, damn that line was long, too long. Well North Korea should get some jobs if this deal is signed into law, so I need to ask why is it our Congress, our President puts jobs for our enemy, before securing employment for the Americans who put them to work, those same Americans who sent these people to Washington, faithful they’d be putting the American Citizens first. Now I have no doubt Corporate America will reap great rewards with this deal being rammed through, who knows, I guess this is the way its supposed go, when the Supreme Court ruled corporations could contribute to political campaigns, no longer is it democracy, what we have now is a corpocracy. You just don’t bite the hand that feeds you, if your not being fed, you have no choice but to bite, a lot of biting back in my community, violent crime is up, more burglaries, muggings too, I was mugged last month, for over a year, closer to two, I’ve been unemployed, $1900 in income tax I paid on my unemployment insurance for 2010, I guess my Government feels that this is my fair share, I can’t help but wonder why General Electric’s fair share is only $0, I know they made more money than me. Craig Stull, while he was living, he was my oldest friend, Craig was gay, he once explained to me how all this relates to sex, told me its all about who’s sucking on who’s cock!

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