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What’s Making My Mind Wonder

I don’t know, if you’ve been keeping up, I’m sure you’ll have an opinion, don’t be so quick, I might not be going there with this, the Multi Dimensional Warrior CD, without fail, seems to attract this blackberry to my hand, then I just seem to go off. I notice, the rhythm of my words change with the tracks, Santana seems to project a mood for me, I don’t know, maybe its because I listened all the way on the train, back and fourth across the country, to that CD, at the time, a year ago, when Dad was having hard times. So enough of that, getting back to Carlos Santana, man, that man can play, for me, he projects deep emotion in his intonations, his guitar seems a living thing. I’d been away, off doing other things the last few days, I knew it would be important to get back to writing, I’m sure you all must be curious, with where I left off and all, wondering whether there were any flash backs, no, but let me flash forward a bit, sure is a lot of whaling, moaning and groaning going on around here, how did I end up at this place? I guess I’m just lucky I guess, just here, helping out a friend, I’ll just interject here, Christ Carlos is inspiring, I think now, I’m back into my writing groove, I love this shit, sorta sorry I waited so late to start working with words. Wait a minute, let me start over, no, not the story, there is no real story here today, the Santana CD! Tony just came by, on his way back out of town, on his way back to Philly. So let me go back, no, not a flashback, just back, last Monday, Tony got into town to do some porn, asked if I had the time, maybe I could help him. Hell yea!!!, I find myself with the scissors on my small swiss army knife, severing threads that attach labels to g strings of porn stars, on porn stars, how did I get here, sure smells like sex in here, I guess its a good time to step outside and smoke one, this stuff should be going on for awhile!

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