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What, No Jamaican Bobsled Team Either???

Perhaps a week of Snow Days stacked back to back, maybe it will be the sight of the US Team entering the Ceremonies, Together as a Team, to cause Congress to act as a Team, throughout the year! I really thought we’d see Neil Young last night, we can all still hope for a surprise entry by the Jamaican Bobsled Team, I think I’ll play a little something by Bob Marley, as I write this piece. Maybe the US Congress took this time to de compress, Perhaps watching America Entering the Stadium in Vancouver as a Team, will move them all, will create a greater understanding among them, that they too, are a Team, not in Washington, to fight among each other, but to work together, for the good of all Americans. You know, I was really wanting Neil Young striking some fat chord on his guitar, the vibrations in the stadium, causing some reaction, causing the olympic flame to spread, to ignite the Caldron. What was said of Canadians throughout the openings of these games is true, they demonstrate this yet again, bringing in Michael Jackson, and his whole crew, remember, Michael rising from the grave, to open the Canadian Olympics. Please don’t hate me for saying this, on some level, I know this had to be, I understand the intention was all good, you know, all I’m saying here, is it just didn’t fit! Well the year is going out, still in shadows, right up to the end, not to worry, were moving into the light today, oh, you didn’t know, Chinese New Year, Year Of The Tiger, the Tiger in this Cycle is Yang, we should all prepare for the obscured to be revealed. Maybe there is a way Congress can come together, this Yin Yang thing, this change of cycles, sometimes can get sorta complex. Perhaps a change in rules, Perhaps we could experiment, might it be the time for secret ballots? In the House, in the Senate, on the surface this may sound a little shadowy, if you go a little deeper though, scratch below the surface, it gets clear, this allows the true heart, of the people charged with guiding our country, too come from out of the shadows, to shine in the light of this new cycle, no longer being held, to hold the party line, all of them free, to vote what they feel, to vote for what they know is right, to vote for what they really believe! I know, I got a little off track, my mistake, listening to Bob Marley, wait a minute, how can listening to Bob Marley, ever be a mistake, any how, back to getting off track, I think when this CD ends, I’ll be putting Neil Young back on again, can’t figure out why he wasn’t there. When I saw Anne Murray out there, for some reason, I remembered Washington, Spooky, the Classics IV. Bowling alleys, dance halls, and intimate little clubs, let me stamp a date, on those days back in DC, Bregneff and Nixon were both in town, Sam Ervin’s Watergate Hearings were the hottest ticket in town, there are a few people out there, who should remember all this too, wheel chairs in airports, the ride back into the city, the suburban club owners station wagon, we were all thinking thoughts that were Jamaican backin those days! I’ll just say, it would have been nice, seeing Neil Young last night, at least walking in, holding on a corner of the Canadian Flag.

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