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Waiting For The Ground To Shake

Well the political ground, at least the political ground here in the states, at that time in history, was shaking, on the corner of Larabee and Sunset was the Classic Cat. Right up the street from where I’m living, I’m 16, I’m living in heaven, the Strip was still a happening place back then. I still remember my first night there, only seven months before, I remember coming up from Santa Monica, I’d seen it first in, August, 1968. I didn’t make it through that night, got picked up by the Sheriff, Mom and Dad bought a plane ticket back for me to Philadelphia. Now I wasn’t getting any action from those strip club girls, I thought those dancing girls were hot. So my sister asks, how can I remember all about these times so vividly, I’ll tell ya, just too much free time on my hands now, what gets me in my mood, what helps me, I just throw on a head band, turn Carlos Santana up real loud…, I put on my old love beads, maybe break out a feather or two. Then I dance, like some old hippie freak, I think my cat Katie, thinks I’m crazy, I think. My time be better spent pounding nails, you see, I really wish I was building something now, I’m really getting sick and tired of these jobless times, you see it keeps me sane, remembering. I bet this blackberry’s just loaded with antioxidants, I think its doing something, I can feel it, its all coming back to me now. The Merry Go Round in Griffith Park, the scene of many a weekend Love In, turned violent, actually, a pretty nice place to hang throughout the week. I remember we’d smoke a little this, maybe drop a little that, I recall one day, I think in late May, an earthquake was predicted back in 69, something doing with almonds, with Edgar Casey, California was to fall into the ocean, it was a serious situation, some people weren’t taking it so lightly, they believed, there were some who left the state. So what am I saying here, well…, a bunch of us went up to the Merry Go Round, we dropped…, then we waited for the ground to shake, blah blah blah blah blah, the colors, blah blah blah, you know its hard writing about this shit, blah, you just can’t make it up, blah blah blah, and quite frankly, blah, sometimes, its just too damn hard, remembering all the details, besides, the earthquake never happened, can’t say the day was wasted, if it had, I’m sure I would have more to write about, anyhow, what’s really important here, is about where I left off yesterday, talking about our heroes. I had a girlfriend once who told me I wasn’t living up to her fathers expectations, I think I told her Christ, I’m still having trouble living up to my own!!! So what does this have to do with that, hell, I don’t know, maybe he knew someday she’d need me to be her hero, he knew the bar be set pretty high. So what about all this space junk they keep sending up, here I go again, every time they send some up, I’m gonna say something about it. I heard something about them loosing a dish, now they have no way for the shuttle to receive large files off the ground, did this communication dish just fall off, did someone just forget to fold it back, does it just become another piece of that floating pile of junk, circling our planet, there ought to be a law!

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  1. mg

    April 14, 2010 @ 1:58 pm

    In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

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