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Upside To The Downturn

Outside of sitting around, cooking, trying to eat more healthy, I’ve got nothing! Well I’ve got my senses, do you get a sense of what I’ve been doing, what’s important in this life anyhow? I’m still walking, talking, still able to see the beauty, I still see work out there that needs doing. Driving up LaBrea, I spot a 1954 Porsche, rag top roadster, I’m just sitting off the street, a bit north of Pinks, waiting on the Eggplant Empress, as this little cream colored gem roars by. These roads out here will ruin that car, the rains this year caused a lot of damage, destroyed city wide, the roads are beat. People being payed to deal with these issues, tell us, they don’t have the money. I was in Moscow, Fall of 93, the city was crumbling, the roads were pot hole riddled, water mains were breaking. Here and there, just like here, flashes of private dollars were visible, over all, there was no money. All the Russian money, had gone to fund the Afghanistan War, they barely got out, by the skin on their teeth! Afghanistan history is one of triumph, in the face of any invading force! An awful lot of posturing, was happening yesterday in Washington, word is not a lot got done, hell, that’s what we’re always told, when I heard no Republicans would be able to vote in favor of the bill, that spoke volumes, these guys are all confused! I’ll break it down, these guys are elected, to represent the people of their communities, not the political party that they belong to, this goes to both sides of the aisle, if these Representatives and Senators are held hostage to a party line, there not serving their communities honorably! They represent all of their communities citizens, not just people who belong to their party. We need to see more of that, wait a minute, we need to see all of that, I think they need to open all the doors, end all the secret meetings, keep a complete public record of all business, our business, that is any part of the process of making law. Its our right to know, who’s out golfing on some corporate dime, who’s out at some 5 star eatery with a lobbyist, cracking some big deal, cracking Crab, as the people they represent, gather by the fire pit of some camp site out on the edge of an American Town. Are these guys just to smart for their own good, just to smart for our good. Well I’m not too smart, barely got out of ninth grade, it seems pretty simple to me, I see lots of work that needs doing, I see a lot of guys at my hall who are hungry to work, tax revenue is down, duh?, get us working, tax money comes back, its all crumbling around us, a far cry from where we were, back in 1954, Some things in this world aren’t quite adding up. It cost me less to buy two liters of coke than one liter of water, in the end, regardless, I’m still stuck with an empty bottle. It cost me less today, to board a flight to New York City, than it cost to fly coast to coast, when I was nineteen, I guess these are mysteries in my life, I’ll never solve. For the first time, during this downturn, I’m frustrated, I need to be out doing something, I’m getting scared, I know, I’m a little slow, its like being at a party, a KEG PARTY, and no one remembered to grab the tap!

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  1. generic

    March 1, 2010 @ 8:01 am

    Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

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