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Two And Two Ain’t Addidg Up To Four

Just what DO you do, I guess, just stop resisting, you see, one of those two’s, was a negative two, add it up, you end up with zip, about the same as this next batch of Working Americans that the Senate just kicked to the streets! This structure really sucks, no surprise here, they’re still building onto this crumbling house of cards, the upper crust gots’ plenty of bucks for all those brand new gismos and gadgets coming out of Foxconn’s Factory Town of 320,000 workers in China. Well I guess that adds up, of course the economy is going good among the Serfs, looking out, you see all us Pleab’s out here struggling, there working on that though, you see, the ties that bind are getting cut, what the hell, we’re really not needed anymore, anyhow, some would say they’re ain’t enough room on this planet anyway! Probably I shouldn’t complain, what the hell, my years were the best years, its sad, it was getting good, it was on track to be getting so much better too, I guess for some it will! I guess I sound a little bitter, maybe I am a little, this is a little to grim to face, it feels like someones tightening the screws, who knows, maybe tomorrow Congress will extend unemployment, but ya know, me, among a lot of other people, are the wounded ones of this inaction that has gone on far too long, I know we’re in a depression, that there’s always a chance in these kind of times, anyone could loose everything, on the news they say, the depression is over! If I had just one more go at it, I’d spend more time with my old friend Craig in the Poppies, he’s dead now, if he were still alive, if he saw all of this, I know it would kill him, “what you don’t surrender, the world just strips away”! We’ve got this every man for himself sensibility circulating around in our times today, what divides us, is pointed out to us at every opportunity, the hot button issue these days is immigration, a distraction, I know it seems myself, that I’m a little tough on the Chinese. I stand shoulder to shoulder with all workers, I am bothered by the exploitation of workers everywhere, principles at the very core of our nation have been compromised, sacrificed, just to feed our need for cheap! I’ll say it again, I need to pay more attention to where my dollars go, that the man at the other end of the line is getting his slice of the pie, is important to me, it ain’t about trickle up, or down, it’s “what goes around, comes around”, I need to spend my bucks in the places that will send them back to me! The world took a stand on ending Apartheid, we need to end slave labor in the Third World now! I think fixing this could be pretty simple, if we ain’t buying they ain’t making, I’m just sick and tired of feeding all this selfishness and greed! You know, I don’t think I want too much, I’d like to have a job, be doing something, that at the end of the day, I’d feel like I got something done, you know, feel like I gained a little ground on this earth, make a little money, then feel good about going out, and spreading some around, I guess you could call that seeding. Sometimes I get nostalgic!

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    In truth, immediately i did not understand it. But after re-reading I think i understand

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