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Too Bad Both Barragan Brothers Were Catholic Priests

If one had married, had a daughter or a son, ya know, nuts don’t land far from their tree, we could use someone like one of these guys round about now, around here! There ain’t no one stepping up, calling these banksters and gangsters out, what’s been going on lately seems to have even Neil Young speechless, I guess he’s gotten weary, it must have seemed like no one was listening. Like deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car, Unemployed Americans are stuck out on a dark road, we don’t know which way to move. Well they can’t roll over us all of, at least not all of us, all at once, we’ll loose a few sadly, standing together, if we scatter, we’ll stand to loose so much more. The Congress, the Supreme Court, the Executive Branch of Government, its clear, their loyalties lay with Corporate America. Maybe Stevie Wonder could step up, even a blind man would see how dire a situation the ordinary family man in this country faces. Where the hell is John Cougar anyhow, is he lost out trying to find the America he once knew. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Red Man on the American Plains, I remember Marlon Brando stepping up, speaking out on injustice. Call me crazy, you won’t be the first, I’m liking Alvin Greene, the closer I get to these fall elections, the more I lean towards running everyone of these bums out of town, with what I’ve seen accomplished by this loathsome bunch, I don’t think they’re even worth a tenth of what their payed. First order of a New Congress should be stripping every bit of their Congressional Pension away. You wanna talk about trickle down, the trickle down effects of this inaction on unemployment extensions by Congress will likely be disastrous, its killing our cities and towns, its driving families apart. Now I’m not working with one of those brilliant minds, for me it all breaks down pretty simply, I’m confused, what the hell are they thinking, what a bunch of fools, with all the problems coming up, associated with the gulf disaster, it makes no sense cutting another two million people off. Alvin Greene would freshen all the stale air that permeates through the Halls of Congress, we know what we get with this man, probably we should watch him hard, but with him, I know he knows what we got too. I say fill every seat thats up for election this year with fresh blood, not the next one groomed by party bosses, but common men and women, with some common sense. Its getting pretty clear, none of them in Congress now, are up to the job, after all that health care mess, they’ve all been working hard, patching up their image, a lot of PR, a lot of hearings going on, a lot of opportunity for them again, to look good in the public eye. Well I’ll tell ya, out of this group, you’ll get a lot of thunder, lots of lightning, but you’ll get no rain

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