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I’m sitting back, don’t know what I’ll write about today, I’m bored, on good advise, I’ll just settle down, show some patience now, think I’m just gonna wait. All weekend, I thought about the position I was in, you know, I was feeling sorta cocky Monday morning, the buying bug was biting me, I wanted back into the silver game again. I am thankful for heads cooler than mine, I guess it would be smart, at least right now, letting their insights prevail over mine. So I guess I’ve beat this gold silver ratio rant down deep into the ground, if anyone is still curious about this trading strategy, let me send you over to the source,
So I’m really sick of hearing the Bin Laden name, for a week, his death has saturated network and local news, for nearly a decade he’s haunted us all, I know he’s dead, good riddance to him, I want to forget about him. Yesterday I heard Texas was considering allowing college students to carry concealed weapons on campus, WTF, are these guys drunk, or only stupid, maybe its just me, in my opinion guns, concealed weapons, have no business on a college campus! Now a little bit about space junk, viewing from the heavens, I’m sure this orbiting mess looks something like a floating scab on our earth, where in the hell is the EPA, NASA spends millions on tracking this garbage heap, on cleaning it up, I’ve yet to hear of any intent, on spending one red cent! So what is really bugging me, what bug is crawling up my ass, I want a job, I want to get up, and go to work for at least one more good run in my lifetime, it seems some secret strategy set on creating jobs has been formulated in our hollowed halls, every man, every woman in Congress has been given a copy of “The Secret” to read, they seem to have convinced themselves, all they need do is visualize jobs, talk job creation up, visualize all those shovel ready jobs, and they will come, while they wait, official monetary policy is to just continue beating down the dollar. Who knows, this just could be the key to our prosperity, double workers pay, but have the dollar worth only 10% of the value it holds today.

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