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They Got Theirs

They really don’t give a damn about anyone else, they all lack empathy for the people whom they represent, Christ, the whole damn bunch of them took two summer holidays, leaving millions hungry, I went hungry, the bastards had me cut down to one meal a day, today I’m down to 173 pounds, at 6′3″, I need to be somewhere near 195 to do my job, oh yea, I got a job today, not that things are turning around out here, I was just very lucky, the job situation out here is still ugly! This attitude, of I got mine, can be contagious, they split us up, the unemployed, left the 99ers behind, the American Workers who are most needy of a hand up! In my work, if we’re not getting our job done, the entire crew is subject to being run off, should our Congress not be held to this same standard, and now, some of these slugs want to continue the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, the top 2%. This top 2% needs to accept some responsibly for bringing our economy down, they need to be throwing down some scratch, help our nation up out of this hole, not bury the 99ers in the ditch. Why is it in Congress, there is so much concern over Corporate America at the expense of the American Worker, all these corporations are doing fine, they all have plenty of money to hoard, with manufacturing moved off shore, most of the money they make, doesn’t make its way back around into the hands of our citizens, it just pads the pockets of the privileged, its skimmed off the top! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it once more, we, as a Nation United, need to run ALL these bums out, put in people who will honor their oath of office, people determined to get their job done. Its hard for me to comprehend how a bill in Congress, can run thousands of pages, yet our Constitution is only four, the only conclusion I can come to, is our Government has gotten out of hand, like a fright train rolling down a mountain side, crushing everything and everyone in its path! Our Government has been hijacked, no more a Government of the people, by the people, for the people, today our Government has become an unyielding beast. I say let’s slay this beast, bring back our American Dreams! I’m sick and tired of this smoke and mirror Government, I’m fed up, the people of Bell got fed up too, the people of Bell, the first to step up, all across our Nation, our Citizens need to follow their lead, enough is enough, they’ve all shown their stripes, We The People, need to take our power back! Our highest court has sided with the powerful, no longer do they defend the rights of the common man, their rulings on campaign funding, spit in the face of the people their supposed to defend, corporations are not people, We Are The People, its ever clear we’re out here, on our own, all alone! Absolute power, corrupts absolutely, the citizens in this country, need to follow the lead, set in place by the hoodwinked people of Bell! I can’t forget, I won’t forget about the 99ers plight, I will not let this go, Mom told me way back when, Edmund, remember always, “but for the grace of God, there you go!” I’m tired of this congressional conspiracy set on sabotaging our American Dreams! I’m embarrassed, I’m ashamed, there are broken down families, families that have been broken up, living as refugees, living in tent cities, all just cast aside! We can’t let this stand, we all need to see to it that the disenfranchised American unemployed, get theirs back, common men and women in our nation have to motivate, to get out and vote, and on the day after November 2nd, say to all of Congress voted out, hey pal,”You Got Yours!”

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