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There’s No Place Like Home

I’m a little scared, I’m sorry to say, I may be losing mine, I know you say suck it up, ain’t nothing millions of Americans before me, haven’t gone through, I guess the next census, if I’m still alive, I’ll be counted as just another refugee. Where the hell did Dorothy get to anyway, she just left us all standing in her cloud of yellow dust, i wanted to get back to Kansas too! Isn’t that what the tale was all about, all the kings horses and men have made a mess of things out here again, you know, just when you think it can’t get any worse! We’re finding out they’ve cracked the floor of the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico, like a hard boiled egg, smacked down hard, on top a counter top, if I had only made it to the poppies! It gets harder and harder to sleep anymore, when I do sleep, its not too deep, I don’t seem to dream anymore, if I did, I know I’d wake up later, I’d realize that it was. You know I think I gotta go get that book, I think I missed a few metaphors, little people, an emerald city, roads paved with bricks of gold, a proclamation from the Wizard of the Emerald City to all the small people of the gulf, that he cares, how many hoops will they be made jump through, getting back to their bayou, will they ever get back, you know, we could all loose Kansas too! I’ve talked before a little about the theory of chaos, who knows, bring on the Ruby Slippers, maybe three clicks of those heels will be what fixes the world, honestly, we really don’t know what the hell that would do, that’s what makes Chaos Theory so damn exciting, its chock full of surprises! The things that are getting destroyed, money can’t buy, I’m scared its just the start, I wonder about the summer rains that blow in, up across the gulf, up the valley of the Mississippi, I wonder if they’ll be turning Kansas brown. I wonder if the Dolphins know what we’ve done, I wonder if they ever really think of us, I wonder what they think of us now, I know this, if one were a God fearing man, and they’ve had their hands in this mess, they’ve got good reason to get a little scared. I’m a little scared, I fear they’ll be no shelter from a storm of unintended consequences raining down upon me. I wonder whether later on down the road, they’re gonna wanna thin the heard, I wouldn’t be surprised if cutting off the unemployment checks turned out in the end, to be step one, the beginning, what might be happening here, is if you haven’t yet made your way through the gates of the Emerald City, your gonna be SOL! One week from today, 147 years ago, the battle of Gettysburg began, July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, a battle that had the creeks and streams running red with American Blood. A turning point in our Civil War, we abolished slavery in that war, today, people are lined up across the land to get the next, the newest gismo. So BP will keep spraying dispersing agents on their leak, Apple will keep getting their I-Phones manufactured by the asian slaves, don’t misunderstand me, I know this is just the way of the world these days, we should all just look away, we all should just be glad we’re here, and not there, no matter where here is, content we’re not seeing something so much worse!

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