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The Unluckyest Day On Earth

October 13, 1307, a Friday, the Templar, all across Europe were arrested, imprisoned, and brutally tortured. This shocked the World, the King of England was slow to act, only two Templar taken in Britain, in Scotland, the arrest order was never acted upon. I’m a bit late in searching all this out, lately, with all the screwy stories out there, I’ve become curious of the Freemasons, my Grandfather was a Mason, the stories I’ve read, about this Fraternal Brotherhood, just don’t jive with the memories I have of Grand Pop. I remember last week, the solution, to this whole mess surfaced, we must just say no to porn, it became clear, without porn, everything would be fine, its another conspiracy, a plague has settled across our land. Theres a lot of this stuff going around, myself, I feel, a little goes a long way, but my GOD, I don’t want to be too judgemental here, but all day long, I bet that guy has a happy wife? What a guy, super sharp, smart, you know, one of those twisted mind kind of guys, smarter than the rest of us! A lizard, a cold bloodied criminal, this guy’s paid to play. So I hear some of these guys have been disciplined already, a couple have been fired, WTF!!!, it must be nice! Its porn, you know, its ruining our Country, now we see so clearly, it’s the demon in this whole mess, who is behind this conspiracy? Its sounding like a little more like sex addiction here, I wonder if rehab is part of the discipline the’ve got coming, I bet that Good Government Insurance, covers this kind of stuff, good, us tax payers, can get most of these guys up, running things again. You know, its hard to loose, one of those Good Government Jobs, especially one of those big money, big perk positions, you know, that big corner office kind of job, what ever happened to character? A days work, for a days pay, is it to much of a stretch, believing this is widespread, that we have army’s of highly paid, highly educated people, throughout Government, who do nothing. Somehow, just thinking a little more about it, I honestly don’t think it’s porn, maybe a few more required college courses on ethic’s before they turn these guys loose on us, maybe try to teach them, that what’s important, is the work. I don’t know, is it just me, am I a victim of some evil conspiracy here, brainwashed, believing some satisfaction comes from hard work. I remember Grand Pop, of him, I’ve never heard a bad word spoken, well, I heard that sometimes, something about drinking, he helped people coming up, out of the Depression, he wouldn’t cheat or lie. So dad filled me in today, told me what was really up, he told me it was AA behind everything, imagine, who’d pay any attention to a bunch of dry drunks taking over the World! Dads side of the Family is Cathiloc, he’s proud to be part of this, he’s still waiting for the DVD, Tony Ward promised he’d send, its all right, God Bless Him, at 80+ years, God Bless Him!

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