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The Roar Of Quacking Ducks

Ecological and economic terrorism has been unleashed across our land, and up till now, Homeland Security has been silent on these events. What the Wall Street Banks and Energy Companies have accomplished, is what Al-Qaeda, over the last decade, failed to do. With friends like these, our enemies become irrelevant, we are destroying ourselves from within, why is it that no one is stepping in? A 450 ton flower pot sits a mile below the surface of the Gulf, its only purpose it seems, is to displace water. Allowing this terroristic trio to continue out in the Gulf, supposedly cleaning up their mess, would be like calling bin Laden, requesting that he mobilize his family’s construction firm, to clean up the 9/11 mess. Halliburton, Trans Oceanic, and British Petroleum need to be flushed from the Gulf, its clear now, all three firms conspired on a plan, all three are guilty of gross negligence, let me be clear, together they conspired to destroy another American Way of Life. Who are the winners in this disaster, I sure would like to know whether anyone had hedged their bets. Wake up America, over the last few months we’ve seen cigar smoking mine bosses, sending working men into conditions, unsafe, underground, we’ve watched Goldman Sachs testifying to the legitimacy of their racketeering, talk about the mob, I guess all those mob guys have all moved into legitimate business, every dollar paid in bonuses to these crooks, are dollars robbed from us, now we have this trio out in the Gulf, shuffling paper, denying any responsibly for their disaster. Its doubtful any oil executives were out on the platform when it blew, the way those dicey operations work, is anyone with any authority, gets the hell out of dodge, its that see no, hear no, speak no evil thing. So I listened to this BP executive speaking of how when the weather cooperates, they are actually able to reduce the size of their slick, bull shit, like magic, with 210,000 gallons leaking out daily into the Gulf of Mexico, recovering anything short of that number means its getting bigger. So finley, they’ve set their array of buckets aside, they’re in the process of building the big old wet vac I sudgested, I guess BP is reading my posts, I assume no responsibly, if this effort fails, on the other hand, if it works, if finely after close to a month of spewing oil into the Gulf, they’re able to get a handle on this situation, I expect a large check for me will be in the mail. So where has Homeland Security been as all this has been going on, why aren’t they acting to defend our Homeland, we’re bankrupt by our banks, we’re polluted by our oil producers, an entire way of life, here in America, looks like it will disappear. Shiny things are nice, it would be nice if our priorities got back in line, if it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, its probably a duck! What ever happened to truth, justice, and the American way, wait a minute, there was never any truth to that, its more like lie, cheat, and steal, just don’t get caught. We have a bold bunch out there running things these days, it don’t matter anymore, if their caught, no ones around, ready to cuff up these crooks, I guess our only choice, is to just stay out of their way. Hold on, I’m wrong, we need to stay in their way, when they bankrupt our banks, when they purposely pollute our homeland, when they send men into a mountain to dig their own grave, Homeland Security needs to step up and do their job, lock these bastards up, throw away the key. The terms under which they do business has to change, none of what we’ve seen has been accidental, it all has been conspired, with corporate friends like these, the security of our homeland is doomed!

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