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The Play Room

I just found out today, that’s my polling place “The Play Room” at my neighborhood McDonald’s! I’ll just say I am bothered by this on so many levels, but hey, I guess someone’s thinking of me, looking out for me, opportunities abound, I’ll be enjoying a value meal, super sized fries, with a Coke, the next time I vote. NOT! So do you think I’m bitter, am I sounding unamerican, getting down on McDonald’s, I know, why would anyone want to kick the clown, I don’t know, it just seems wrong to me, going into vote at a kiddie playground. I wonder if they’ll have free snacks for all the little tots dragged in with their moms and dads, somehow I think management will be all over that! Fast food franchises are a scourge on our American Landscape, they represent the bread lines of the 21st Century, empty calories, gobs of fat, and then there are the investigative reports on obesity! So we’re taking over kid playgrounds now, you know…, that don’t even sound right, and with all I’m hearing these days about bullying, this is sure sounding like some kind of bullying move to me! So how many of those mothers and fathers, voting, their children in tow, will be making promise’s, trying to keep the peace, telling their kids they will all come back to eat more junk, and play. IT AIN’T RIGHT, how about a Library, a School, someone’s Home, I don’t want to fear the hamburgler is out to steal my vote, seriously though, you know, its hard for me not to laugh, a little dignity to the process please! OK, McDonald’s does good things, heck, they’ve made themselves part of our communities. All the little kids get happy, seeing all the crazy charters, get crazey, opening up new toys, and all the kids, all the families that they help, Ronald McDonald House does gobs of good, their fast food franchises feed their customers gobs of fat! Oops, I’m sounding bitter again, maybe they wouldn’t have to be so involved with hospitals, providing support for families of sick children, if they would offer a menu of healthy, wholesome foods. Back to the vote, I vote for rigorous regulation for fast food franchises, we need to get this junk off the streets. So, what do you think, ya think something’s wrong with me, wrong with the way I think, don’t answer that, at a Burger King, at least I’d know I’d be munching on onion rings, the question was rhetorical! You know I think I’ll get in the mood, channel that voting vibe, think I’ll head up to my neighborhood McDonald’s tonite with my sample ballot book in hand, ponder my choices over one of their milk shakes and some freedom fries, that name changed by act of congress… Didn’t it??? Any how, I’ll call them that tonite you know, the vibe!!!

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