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The Old Forgotten Rule

When things get going wrong, my old friend Mo once told me, you got to get back to your rules, do you remember that old one, about saying something good, or just shutting up, this rule would be good to check, from time to time, approaching the November Elections. If all your hearing is nasty stuff about the other candidate, its a pretty strong sign the person saying it, got’s nothing. What we’ve got going on out here in California, is Republicans, calling Republicans, Liberals, I can’t help but to think the Mayan Calendar is correct, with this development, I’m almost certain this world will come to an end! Questions for me arise, hearing how efficient a decision maker this one candidate is, seeing the political ads, slinging mud at the other side, I question who decided on these tactics. Everyone seems to love a train wreck, watch the news, stories of good, don’t drive the numbers, in spite of that fact, let me tell you something good, that Mayan Calendar we’re all hearing about, I heard has been misinterpreted, that actually it marks the end of evil on this earth, that we all move on to a new phase of our history. At the risk of showing the hypocrisy within me, I want to say, that any candidate with a platform built on negativity, should be ignored. We haven’t heard from Cantor lately, what back room did they throw him in, I like Jerry Brown, I always have, he’s been out quietly working, accomplishing great things, for the City of Oakland, as Attorney General, the view I have, from my section of the bleachers, is of him working hard, protecting the people of our state. When our Constitution was constructed, the authors knew, to create a document, that could become accustomed to change, throughout the history of our Constitution, laws are written, laws are corrected, there amended, as unintended consequences occur. Don’t you just love the music of Sam Cooke, Chain Gang is such a great song, then I listen to the words, so sad a song, to hear it on the surface, it doesn’t sound sad, I wonder if what draws me in, is it’s train wreck appeal? So…, have I danced around enough here, do you think I should make a point, well here we go! I’ve been reading these essays, written by a very smart man, three to five times, it takes me, reading them, to only begin comprehending their meaning. First off, I don’t see any sub surface motive in this man as he states his point of view. I’ve been at times stubborn, holding onto what I believe to be true, reading this mans work, certainly causes me to consider, to reconsider my points of view. A lot of ground gets covered in these essays, regardless of the side your on, you know, which side of the fence you stand, this guys writing can open your eyes! www.thebear.org
Back to politics, does anyone remember the movie Animal House, remember when something being said, wasn’t wanted to be heard, the words were replaced by the sound of a phonograph needle, being dragged across the record, I’d like, for whenever I hear some candidate dragging down another, instead, I hear another record getting scratched, another disk destroyed, to remember, their just out there wrecking trains, trying to draw me in.

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