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The Future

I believe I’m beginning to see into the future, I’m wondering if it has to do with the two pyramids on the palm of my right hand. Well it’s pretty clear to me we’re gonna get change, families living, working, down by the Gulf, are gonna get some chump change out of BP, who knows, with all this oil flowing up into the North Atlantic, maybe with the changes in the convection current, the change in the specific gravity of ocean water, it will all have a positive effect on the quality of our weather, maybe not! You can bet Goldman Sachs will be on top of it, somethings never change, Goldman Sachs shorted the gulf, the day before Deep Water Horizon Blew, in Thailand, some pissed off poor people put it on the line. Somethings got to change, I have some doubts whether this new Financial Reform Legislation, will have any effect, anyhow, about now, I’m thinking it don’t even matter no more, an entire region of our Nation is destroyed, how do we get back from that, I know somethings gonna change! Why not declare a Tracy Chapman Day, you know, a poor people gonna rise up day, somehow we’ve got to stop the abuse to our planet, the abuse inflicted upon the poor of our planet. it be good timing right about now for some kind of new super hero to step in, to step up, you know, Oil Man, who knows, maybe Dick Chaney sheathed in a Mega Magnum Condom, am I being too subtle? Next week, the leak could get plugged, who knows, by next week it could all be over, no, I mean it really could be all over, we don’t know what those boys are talking about, down there in the gulf, the media would have me believe all our brightest minds are gathered in the Gulf, discussing mud, how to best plaster over that gash on the ocean floor with mud, yeah, right, those boys are figuring on blowing something up, and all I see when I close my eyes. Is that chopper flying over Osage avenue, tossing that suitcase bomb through the chopper door, through the roof, then burning down more than a block of family homes, the road to hell is paved with good intention! Anyone interested in learning a little something about Chaos Theory? I guess it will surprise no one, learning I’ve yet to receive my check from BP, if you go back a few posts, I’m writing about their misdirected bucket strategy in those posts, that what they needed was to build a Wet Vac with a mile of hose. Check out time and date on my posts, uncanny, out of nowhere, they’re setting their assorted buckets off to the side, and dragging a mile of hose down and stuffing it into the pipe. I know someone at BP read my post, so now I’ll tell them how to plug the hole, what they need to do is buy a Giant Redwood from California, we cherish these ancient trees, but for a worthy cause along with a hefty price, I’m sure it all can be worked out. Rather than bombing the well, why not give some pile drivers a job, spread some of that oil money around, hollow out the Red Wood Trunk, stuff it with enough lead, so it don’t float, then pound it down into the ruptured shaft. I’m just not sitting back, making this stuff up, I got “spearance”, I worked once for the “Grout Man” of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, the two tools most important in our operation were a Wet Vac, and a couple dozen Red Wood Cone Wedges!

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  1. Moonshine alchemist

    June 3, 2010 @ 8:20 pm

    Hey Ed…..Good stuff. I am actually starting to feel positive about the human condition again. After fucking with Mother Earth for so long she is finally telling us enough is enough and will keep orgasaming until the stupid people either die or evolve.

    We need a constitutional convention to:

    1. Decide on a currency and whether Central Banksters are moral and should exist and under what guidelines.

    2. Decide if we want corporate facism like we now have. If we do want a capitalistic hybrid; have to decide to make it a competitive enterprise or is it better handled by representatives of the public. Education, Healthcare, Defense, Borders, Banking, Emergency Response, etc

    3. Abolish slavery by the corporations, fascists, and military.

    4. Establish a System for Justice with stellar individuals from all fields as judges and justices.

    Anyway, the shit is gonna hit the fan real bad for the next couple of years, then it will be better. It will be interesting and exciting to see what Mother Nature and the axis shifting globe will do with Darwinian Theory. If we think the kids are crazy today…just wait what the future has in store…it will all be amazing.

    Hope alls kool in LA…gotta go out and weed wack and decided to smoke a bowl, do a shot of tequila, and type out some krap instead.


  2. blackbird- rider

    June 19, 2010 @ 1:52 pm

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