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Team Spirit

You know, I don’t really care to hear about what we can’t do, what we can’t afford to do! How about an Executive Order, coming from the President, requiring every member of Congress, every Senator, every Member of the House, to read the book “The Secret”! REALITY CHECK, I know this will never happen, my point is, it seems all these workers, and they are all workers, need to get something done, they are employed by us, and they need to be accountable! When I was growing up, I remember being told, I could accomplish anything I set my sights on, today I hear a lot from Congress, about what we can’t get done. On the job, and its been a while, since I had one, an attitude like this, would get me run off, I’d be told, if I wasn’t able, here is your two checks, we are going to bring in a man who can get it done. Off the job, in my trade, we have black men, we have white men, we have Latinos, we have Asians, when were on the job, when we go to work, we leave all this at the gate. We have gang bangers, Muslims, Christians, and Jews, none of this matters on the job, we are expected to work as a team, we are expected to get our work done, why is it these Senators, these Representatives, not required to do the same? A long time ago I figured out, I didn’t need to like my boss, to work for him, I didn’t need to agree with his methods, you know, I knew he was the boss, he shouldered the load, I was there to get it done! I don’t have to wonder what would happen, if I was charged with a task, a task I thought was misdirected, if I glanced over to a co worker with doubt in my eyes, to a co worker who felt the same as me, we’d be lucky to make it through the day! There is some serious work here, that needs to get done, if we are to get through these hard times, get it done, or move out of the way! You people in Congress, need to STOP defending your jobs, and start doing your jobs, move Our Country forward, deliver on your Promise, deliver on your Oath, to take care of the Peoples Business!


  1. Susan Bratcher

    I knew I would hear from you today regarding last night. You are so righe Ed. Do your job!
    Love Suie

    Posted on 28-Jan-10 at 11:04 pm | Permalink
  2. Lynn

    Hi Ed…I agree with Suie… are right!….love you

    Posted on 29-Jan-10 at 5:03 am | Permalink

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