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Stepping Up Out Of This Rut

One hundred dollars in quarters ain’t even worth twenty bucks, I get it now, Mom saying Eddie, save your nickels, save all your pennies too, (see http://www.coinflation.com/coins/basemetal_coin_calculator.html) I’m just starting to get a grip on this feeling of being orphaned now, I’m stepping up out of this rut, I’m just trying to start writing more about the stuff that inspires me, stories of George and me, hanging out down in Johnson Jon’s, Slim Canyon, out hunting down Fred Pickard through the forests of Vermont. Hard to believe its 20 years gone, I still don’t know now what I didn’t know then, I know now both George and I, that we’re both a couple of old men! Nothing like a good road trip, using cars for what they’re good for, man I used to love dropping 15 pounds of air on the tires of my old truck, then taking off on down those old dirt road highways that run through the Navajo Nation. Man, I know this beautiful beach, man when the lights just right, the chop of the ocean as it crashes up on the rocks, looks like wind whipped wrinkled velvet. (http://membrane.com/alchemystic/California-Coast.html) Guess I ought to start saving all my old nickels now, guess ya’ll were waiting for this, are ya starting to pick up here, with my ongoing theme, well…, the king is in his counting room counting up his nickels, the queen is in the kitchen eating Kosher Pickles, I went to Venice yesterday, Venice has been occupied for a while now, and just who in the heck is John Scott anyway…, well I’ll tell ya, strange day today, got run over on my bicycle by a Prius, had to re adjust some plans, my wheels got wrecked, thank God I’m still walking, strolled on down to the corner, hopped up onto the bus. So the kid paid to fix my bike, I had witnesses ya know, three street people, said they saw the whole thing, said the kid should fix my bike, said the kid should float me a little cash too. Those street people were really bugging me, sure was glad when they scattered, I’m just thinking WTF, wrinkled wheels, my wheels!!!, ya know its the only way I get around! So the kid says he’ll take me down to the bike shop, the kid was straight up, he kept trying to give me money too! Oh yea, now I’m gonna tie it all together, I never would have found out who in the heck John Scott was, had I not been hit by that kid, ya know I never would have been on that bus, yea I was curious, I had wondered some, time to time, wondered about the man who now sat before me, now I was wondering what were John Scott’s thoughts…? Seems he’s still stuck sticking stickers, said he had gone pro, sure seemed to be a nice enough old man, just stuck, still doing his same old thing, ya know I make better use of my time, lately, anyway, ripping up rolls of nickels. I told that kid thanks for fixing my bike, when he tried again to give me some cash, I told him he should just be thankful he didn’t drive a Bentley.

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