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Somethings Funny

This ain’t the kind of funny that’s for laughing, this is more the George Thorogood kind of funny, things just aren’t adding up! Now I realize something might be slipping by me, often things do, I just don’t see how subsidizing washers, dryers, refrigerators, will do any more, than fatten up a little more, some big fat cats! I can’t tell you how happy I am, GM paying back there loan early, yea right, its still good hearing someones doing better than me!. Somethings funny, seems a lot of hoarding cash is going on over there, what happened to all those shovel ready projects, their shoveling appliances out here today, 35 million dollar worth. I don’t get it, most news networks tell me, the worst is over, I’ve been waiting on this freeway job to start since February, the Mayor in LA, it seems everyday, he’s going on and on, about laying thousands off. What is so sad about this appliance rebate program, is it doesn’t put one American back to work, building more of this stuff, all this work was shipped out long ago. I don’t know about the rest of you, myself, I’m counting on the trickle down, I see its my only option now, I don’t feel good about it though, I just don’t think there’s gonna be enough trickling down! You know, I’ve lost count of how many teachers their firing across the country, you know, I get it, no ones got no money left, well at least none left for this kind of nonsense, ya’ll remember where I’m at with school, me struggling just to get through ninth grade. That right there, should be enough to scare the hell out of ya, just imagine, an entire generation, thinking on a level with me. You know, seems to me, education is important, I think our Government, at every level, at any cost, needs to be responsible. Everywhere you go, people are the same, as adults, we want better for our children, I don’t want to believe our culture has turned the corner, that we’ve seen, as good as it gets. Somethings funny, why they hoarding all the money? You have to wonder where all the money Wall Streets raking in comes from, we know no ones winning out here, all these corporations have moved on to greener pastures. I heard Scott Brown say today, he was concerned for businesses in his State, with only 3 months in, it seems already, he’s lost his way, his purpose I believe should be for his people. Over the last couple decades, it seems the concerns of Government have been about business, those guys are all doing all right today, I know this, I see it daily, Wall Street is raking in the bucks, the Government has programs subsidizing anything from automobiles to refrigerators, I have yet to hear of one program that puts food on the table of one hungry family! Our entire Government is out of whack, out of touch with what’s going on out here. Maybe it’s a good idea just to turn these lawyers loose to do what they do best, maybe it would be good, to just clean a little house, elect the poor into office, get people in the job who know what needs to be done, workers willing to do the work for their people. If the bottom of the chain prospers, everyone is better off. I don’t know about the rest of you, myself, I’m sick and tired of corporate rule! This just ain’t funny anymore!

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  1. Susan Bratcher

    April 27, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

    Hi Ed,
    Could not have said it better. You really get me to thinking which is something I am always afraid to do. Happy I have a job but what I see working in government is not what it should be. You need to run for office!
    Love ya

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