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Some Of My Heros Are Dead

Some of them have just moved off, into the outback, to the tropics of Australia, others seem to have just gone silent, I met Groucho a couple months before he died, said he was leaving for North Korea in the morning, said he was never coming back, I’m still trying to figure out what happened. Well…, we still got Keith Richards, bless his beating heart, damn he plays a filthy guitar, but you know, its tough, I’m spending my time lately, you know, thinking about Olden Days, not so much for nostalgias sake, I’m just trying to remember, to feel that vibe again, then hearing this morning, Dennis Hopper is slipping away, sometimes I wonder when my next post, will be my last. I’d sure like to “Get That Good Time Feeling Back”, a whole lot of groups had come together back then, we all got there in different ways. I’m like that knuckle ball, no spin, I’m affected by effects of outside elements, on the wake I leave trailing behind me, you never know where I’m going, If you go to www.thenation.com/blogs/thebeat/331953 you’ll find a post written by John Nichols, in it, he talks about the “garbage in, garbage out effect” of our American Politics. Now John, in this post, is relating to George Carlin, arriving amazingly, at about the same spot as Martin got to 40 years before. I think it was 1987, John published” The Sky’s The Limit”, an environmental statement, if your able to find some time, if ya get the chance, check it out! I wonder if Dennis has had the chance, has taken time to wander around a little in the old Venice neighborhood, did he get a chance to check it out. He’s been a fixture there, as long as I can remember, I wonder what that final walk is all about, saying the goodbyes to all you’ve known. Hope no ones too disappointed today, I know, yesterday, I threatened, hope you didn’t dial in, hoping to reread Martin Luther’s speech again. We try to mix it up a little here at the AMERICAN UPBEAT:underground, Venice holds a lot of history for me. So I made it out of Venice safe, unscathed, ah!, sanctuary in Santa Monica. I was living at the time in the Larabe Garage, just below the Sunset Strip, for a kid, I got it going on pretty good, I was getting laid, I had a place to go get laid, always had some money in my pocket. At the garage, I remember there was a kid, said his name was Barry Morrison, said he was Jims brother, he talked a lot about getting his band together, talked a lot about “his brother”, how his brother was gonna help, that they’d be dropping off the instruments soon. Sure must be tougher for kids now, I just realized Jim Bowie had died, Davy Crockett too, no Superman, no Rin Tin Tin, So…,. I’m sitting here thinking about all my lists of heros, I realize we still got Jean-Luc Picard, that takes some pressure off, thought I’d have to start believing in someone who’s really living. I was getting a little depressed. Its hard finding living heros, when there living, seems they always let me down, you know I put so much energy into building them up in my mind, I begin to see them being so much more than who they really are, then the hammer drops, something happens, I see them acting human

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