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I don’t know when it all changed, I heard yesterday a political ad speaking of the need to elect candidates who will stand up to Labor Unions, when did it flip back to labor as being the evil player in our society. How quickly we all forget, labor is not the villain, workers are not the ones who have a strangle hold on World Economies, workers are the pawns, played against each other, at every level, every day. Today, these days, if your working, your working job scared, these times, not to different from the desperate days of the depression, when as someone employed, you knew there were 50 men right outside the gate ready to step in. Out here in Los Angeles, a lot of city workers are getting run off their jobs soon, the Unions are not backing down, and they shouldn’t, its time labor takes its stand, all of our labor force, Union and not, should stand shoulder to shoulder, and resist. Its a convenient little distraction, this immigration debate, the debate to me seems pointless, the history of man, is that they move around a lot, populations migrate. Build a wall, erect a fence, what about “Mister Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”, what was that about, an exercise in the current myth? Things change, somethings don’t, walls divide us, as workers, we all need to stand in Solidarity! Lately,Its been quite a show, the last few months, coal mines exploding in West Virginia, Bank Executives imploding on the Senate floor, oil spewing out from the sea bed, a mile deep, 50 miles off the Mississippi Coast. In each case, if workers had a voice, these catastrophes would have been avoided, when that rig operator dragged that drill shaft up through the engaged actuator, that was the accident, shit happens, serious shit, stop, think, don’t do anything stupid, I’m sure if some qualified engineer ran some calculations on that event, the rig would have been shut down. Later when it started spitting up chunks of rubber with the drilling mud, absolutely the rig should have been shut down. The chunks of O RING were noticed, everyone knows the dangers of O RING Failure, someone out there calling the shots, forgot! There is an old saying, “Never Interfere With Managements Right To Manage, maybe its about time we do, seems lately they haven’t been doing such a bang up job, if they had payed attention those miners in West Virginia might still be working. Safety always goes out the window as situations arise, management evacuates the area, workers are directed to get it done, 50 guys stand right outside who want that job, heaven help you if your that worker who questions some misdirected direction, if it all goes wrong, your on your own, that is if you make it out. Somethings need to change, well I guess you could call that an understatement, wasn’t it change we all were looking forward to? Why is it that we’re always in reaction mode, why isn’t someone staying on top of it, who provides oversight to these government agencies, are they independent, or is it the responsibility of Congress. Sorry for blowing up, back to Solidarity, like I was saying, we as workers need to stand together in Solidarity, united, we are the most powerful force, walls they erect between us, we can’t let divide us, as workers we all desire the same.

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