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So What

Forty one years, that’s a pretty good record, a fair amount of time between oil spills, that is, if your not counting the Exon Valdez. All these coastlines recover, what’s the fuss, it only takes a decade or so for life to return, you can’t stop progress, there having a little trouble stopping that flow of oil on the ocean floor! Out in the Gulf, 41,000 gallons a day leaking out, in 1969, 80,000 to 100,000 gallons total, polluted the California Coast, it sounds as if that hole in the Gulf got a lot bigger. So I heard last week, the big pollution problem is cigarette butts, yeah, I’m still smoking, I guess I’m a contributor to this mess, if I would just finely stop these things I’d relieve some pressure on our Planet. So, right in the middle of all that, let me say a little of this, I don’t operate this blackberry so good, I get comments on my posts, I attempt to respond, I really don’t think they ever go through. Sometimes I don’t know what I’ve done, sometimes those comments seem to just go away. I only mention this, because ya’ll should know, I’m glad your out there, I’m glad hearing I’m filtering through to you! Now, where am I , oh yea, Planet Earth, you know we’ve made a real mess of this place, bombs blowing up somewhere, every day, puddles of oil float across our oceans, we got this orbiting junk yard that surrounds us. Stephan Hawkins spoke the other day, about Alien Encounters, his vision, of how all this might play out. If these aliens he speaks of, have any vision at all, myself, I think they’d just steer clear, I’m sure they’d see, we were a lethal people! I don’t know, maybe we should get all this oil drilling done at once, you know, an assault, might as well go for broke, get the damage done, all at the same time. It’d be tough on us, tough on our eco system for a decade or so, just think though, soon everything would come back, well, maybe not everything, but you know, enough would come back, and just think, all that oil! Maybe these cigarettes, are for me, just symptomatic of the bigger situation I see myself in, have you googled space junk, looked at some of the pictures. This is what I think. First off, I’ll say I’m ashamed, With that said, at a very basic level, I understand this floating junk displaces something. Yeah, I know, its just floating around, in the vacuum of space, now i’m hearing lately, a lot about dark matter, about dark energy, the scientist are just beginning to explain, the nothingness of space, is really something, they don’t know yet what, so I guess I’m all upset over nothing. OK, I get it, everythings all right, all were doing is filling the void. Chaos Theory, has no dog in this fight, just because, we don’t know the properties of this void we’re stuffing with scrap, doesn’t mean its gonna hurt us, I don’t like being cynical. This sounds a little like the reasoning they used, on the move on Move, you remember, those blocks they burned back in Philadelphia, I remember the interview they did with the expert who built that bomb, I remember him saying he didn’t know what that stuff he used would do, used above ground. You know if I were passing by, from somewhere out in space and saw all this going on, I think I’d just swing wide, steer clear!

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