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American workers have rendered themselves useless to this hybrid, the Global Corporate Machine, I see it all around me winding down, the quality of education all across the country is going down, and all along I hear the Bush’s are planing their get away, something about a 100,000 acre ranch down in Paraguay, man it must be nice! One of the principles this country was founded on, was to put an end to aristocratic rule, well less than 250 years later, its back, and with a vengeance, again, the common man, has lost his say. One only needs to view the images of Sebastiao Salgado, to begin understanding the plight of workers world wide, framed within his vision, one could say the American Worker, myself included, got way out of line, wanted too much, how absurd we were, the very thought of a business carrying someone beyond their years of usefulness makes no sense. What the hell happened, technology was to make things better for everyone, not just for the chosen few. Is it me, or is there a lot of talking these days, coming out from different sides of the mouth, we’re gonna stop THIS oil out in the gulf, if saying so, made it so, the white sand beaches of Gulf Coast Florida, would still be white! We’re gonna save the banks, we’re gonna fix the unemployment problem, blah, blah, blah! Throughout the country they’ve done one hell of a job on all that, not a problem anymore, I’m seeing now it was just a matter of time, I’m watching everything as its all winding down! Somethings up, its almost as if we’re all getting dumbbed down, I wonder if the ones believing they have crossed into the Emerald City, will turn instead, to see the gates of hell, slamming shut behind them. So we’re gonna fix our addiction to oil, hold on there, that points out a problem here, we’ve been fixing, so to speak, all along, feeding our addiction to big oil. The big brains are all getting together, talking more about all this oil stuff, but ya know, this ain’t rocket science, more often than not, all we get from these think tanks, are more exotic ways to burn the stuff! We all need to just stop driving our cars so damn much, all we’ll have to sacrifice is some of our daily aggravation, the commute back and forth from work. There ought to be a law, it won’t happen though, not in this oil driven democracy, a mandate from the people, that if technology can accommodate this, have the resources available, making possible, working from our homes, what a concept, the use of ones car, for ones own recreation and pleasure, not spending the sometimes hours, making the daily commute, in essence, eliminating that daily payment to big oil, to stop greasing their palm, to end the tariff we’ve all become so accustomed to throwing down! Its all been rigged, those oil barrons get their pound of flesh from us each and every day. So getting back to the unemployment disaster, right now, who is really gonna care, timing is everything, I know, suck it up, I’ve heard this all before, there’s more out there worse off than you, besides, here come the storms running up through the gulf, no ones even talking much about this yet, I wonder how much insurance for oil damage cost, can it be bought, regardless, I think for this current season, its a little late to be buying in!

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