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Sewer Gators

Carol was scared to go into the woods, as a child, alone, she was sure, Indians were hiding out. I take a lot of information in, mostly, it fortifies my beliefs, I mentioned those essays yesterday, because they shook my world a little. My eyes opened a little more, I’m seeing there might be more misinformation out there, somethings, sure to scare me, have you ever been attacked by a sewer gator? Funny thing, you don’t have to be, with just the threat, menacingly looming from below, one is sure to change ones ways! I went off writing about Onions, about Wild Ponies, because I happened to stumble across some stuff about Project MK ULTRA. Then I dug a little deeper, the hypocrisy, all the information, the misinformation, put out for the public’s consumption, while all along, unsuspecting subjects were getting dosed. I was a kid, I wanted that LSD 25 I heard had come into town, what were “THOSE” people thinking, remember, I’m a kid, that small, sealed, sandoz capsule, didn’t come from some basement lab, it was 1969 then, it was the real deal, how did I get there? Hard to believe I’ve made it here! We’re all hearing about a lot of sewer gators latley, the’re out on the loose, they got me scared as hell, so what do I do at voting time, this particular lizard, seems always to be hiding in the darkness, hidden around every next corner. Do I vote for the Candidate who has seen one, the Candidate, who can best describe the beast? The information, that as Citizens, is important for us to know, is rare we ever hear about, they keep trying, sending us out to slay Dragons! Now I’m getting to the core of the problem here, its only Westerners, who have unfounded fear for a Dragon, in the East, they’re thought to be benevolent creatures. Also in the East, they speak of a cycle, water, wood, fire, earth, metal, I think the concept, everything is allowed, at some time, to be turned back into itself, sweet! So what does this, have to do with sewer gators you ask…?, hell, I don’t know, sorry, I just thought it be a nice thought to throw out there now! So here’s the deal, and I’m not talking sewer gators anymore, whenever we manufacture a product, any product, we need the ability, to turn it back into what it was, you know, ashes to ashes, dust to dust! My wish, is for people, some people smarter than me, to go back and read the essays I spoke of yesterday, then get back to me, I still have trouble with this blackberry, I still have trouble matching up my hands. This guy who writes these essays isn’t some local joakal out of Kentucky, he certainly has done some great things with his life thats been beneficial to our culture, he’s left a bold stamp. I see potential for him changing my mind about a few things, somethings!

Sally’s Vegetable Soup

1 large can whole peeled tomatoes
1 can tomato soup
2 large onions
2- 20 oz. frozen bag mixed vegetables
meat bone
chuck roast
fresh pot herbs can substitute 2 tsp. thyme, parsley , 4 whole bay

put all of above in pot, fill pot with water add salt and pepper, 1/4
cup sugar, boil a few hours, take meat out and cut up and put back in,
add 4-5 diced potatoes and cook another 2 hours…remove bone and bay

All I would change, is whenever possible, use fresh, easy on any salt, then see about getting rid of some of that sugar! Maybe some dried black beans, I’d loose the canned soup, just add another extra dozen tomatos, use all fresh tomatos, not to worry the skins will float off, you can pick most of them out, they’ll float to the top

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