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I’m at a point in my life, under my belt, I’ve got a few lessons learned, when I get that knot in my stomach telling me I better stop, when I get that feeling that somethings not right, I back off. I have no sense of impending doom here, I guess I should just move on, it appeals to me, just the thought of living at a more basic level, I’ve learned not to put my hands into places outside of my view. I’ve been thinking a lot about, reading a little about the Mojave Green. I’m going out, gonna check it out, this mountain, on a map today, talked with the owner yesterday, we talked a bit about heading out, spend a couple days checking it out, in a couple months. I’m assembling my plan B, I’ve got to say Dads turned into a pretty smart old coot, you know I talked with him about this “opportunity”, you know, he don’t fight no more, he’s more like that bar tender I talked about in “Swimming”, one of my first posts here, this drink slinger hears Drew, Garret, and myself, talking, planing a swim back to our sailboat moored in Annapolis Harbor, late one night, as we’re sitting at his bar, we’d been sailing the Chesapeake a little less than a week with Drews father, Nord had gone back to the boat after dinner, early, the three of us were planing to miss the midnight water taxi, then swim across later to our moring in the harbor, after the bars had closed, the bartender pulled a plastic bag from below the bar! I talked about the five P’s a couple days back, by the way, Dad thinks this is a great idea, you know, water will be the big issue here, this area is where the Colorado and the Mojave Deserts meet. I’ve lived out in the middle of nowhere before, hell, 20 years ago I was living out in Oxford, I’ll need some water if I’m to turn some little bit of the Mojave green. The owner gets in there with a Hum-Vee, he tells me I ain’t going nowhere, back there, in a pickup, he says a four wheel, all terrain vehicle, would get me back and forth across the desert, back and forth to town, that it be a day trip, just getting in and out of Twenty nine palms. I think I want to get a few palm trees going, it all hinges on the water, I can’t stop thinking about those Mojave Greens, I’m thinking about a shipping container or two, drop then off against the side of the mountain, I know, living in a couple of tin cans, baking in the desert sun,…, think about it though,…, those containers are strong, and they seal up tight, up against the hillside, placed right next to a mine shaft, you can draw your heat and cold from that. I really needed, I really wanted to get another five years of working in, I was hoping things were getting better, I think this oil spill will really set us back, I’m thinking, maybe I’m just tired of the struggle, that the dream I want to live by, the dream I want to die with, is America, the land of opportunity, that’s there’s gold in that mountain I’m thinking about moving onto, that out there, there’s always gonna be a chance. Maybe I’m just tired of sitting around, wondering if the bankers are gonna float some money to the builders who will put me to work, maybe I’m anxious to be involved with something I can control, keeping ground hogs out the garden, keeping coyotes away from chickens, keeping those Mojave Greens off me!

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    June 24, 2010 @ 11:02 pm

    hey whats your myspace page.

  2. alchemystic

    June 24, 2010 @ 11:57 pm

    I don’t have one!

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