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Pride. Swallow It

That’s what its there for, I spent the morning, and some of my afternoon, standing in the welfare line, thank you Senators, for your job well done! A lot of men like me, standing in those lines are not broken men, just angry men, I heard a lot of rude statements about illegal immigrants, our Government got a lot of people scared of the Sewer Gators, I know illegal immigration is not our problem, we are a Nation of immigrants, what we need, what we want right now, is work! Its important to say, the people working in this welfair office, are wonderful people, they get it, they know the people they’re seeing these days, are only the effect, the cause, a dysfunctional Congress! It takes more than talk, to make something happen, where have all those shovel ready jobs gone anyhow, its ugly out on the streets out here, not much going on, nothing much will get going on, until the banksters cut loose with some cash, but why in the hell would they, they can make so much more money moving it around markets, they’re still playing both sides of the fence, for them, this is a thing of beauty, the perfect storm! 40% of this Country’s GNP is all about nothing, they aren’t producing product, they just continue in the poor business practices that got us into this mess in the first place, WE THE PEOPLE, bailed them out once, don’t be fooled, all this crap is still going on! We need to clean house in this Country, I’m not talking about the immigrants, who I’m speaking of, are the bastards, and the bastardetts, wasting space in the Congressional Hallways of Washington, I remember hearing more than once, first we’ll kill all the lawyers, we desperately need a cross section of the fabric of America, occupying the seats of Congress, people in touch with the Citizens they represent, the Common People of America, taxi cab drivers, carpenters, janitors, and cooks, our labors and librarians, our fishermen and our farmers, people not beholden to the corporate scum! In their quest for unbridled profits, these corporations have sabotaged our once Great Nation, just think about this situation for a minute, tent cities, sprouting up, all across our Country, I’m sure Congress would truly feel shame, if only they cleaned their Capitol Office windows, you know, this assumption I make, hinges on believing they have a conscience, with all we’ve witnessed through these troubled times, we all know they don’t! Christ, all I hear from them, is more tax cuts for the rich, I’m not the sharpest tack in the pack, but I know, with the tax base eroded as it is today, any solution other than an increase in tax, is insane, myself, if I could just get a job, I would be more than happy paying double the tax, I know, I’d be bitching and moaning, in lock step with everyone else, however, as a result of these misdirected polices, firemen, police men, and our teachers, in our communities now, are loosing their jobs! These are the jobs that grow our society, these are the professionals that keep our communities safe! So I am going to reread the Secret again this weekend, you know I’m wearing out the pages in this book, I’m just a little worried, these pages may turn to dust, before this awful economy turns around! Here is the hope I can believe in, the November Elections are coming, all these clowns in Congress, who’s seats are up for election, will leave!

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