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Our Daily Oil Tax

Every day, we wake up, we pay down a little, well myself, I don’t pay down so much, let me break it down, I got rid of my car quite a while ago. It seems all so natural when your all caught up, ya wonder how it could go any other way, so ya know, we just keep squawking collectively on how we’ll all reduce our oil use. So why don’t we have all this technology working for us, bettering our quality of life. This oil tax is paid with both our dollars and our time. Work has been tough out here in my trade, if you get a job, it may be an hour drive away, probably there is a carpenter living close to that job, just as skilled, equally capable, going to work, his job 100 miles back the other way. Union rank and file, in tough times, trend towards territorial attitudes, I’ve been in this racket a long time, I think a lot of my brothers miss the point, the issue is a better quality of life! Working in my trade, in my part of the country, a one hour drive in the morning, means a two hour drive at night, throw in a couple hours OT just for kicks! I guess you see where I’m going with this, this guys’ got nothing left, This is a lot of scratch snatched right out of his pocket, snatching the food right off his family’s table, he’s not getting any time at home, this is a life that sucks! I got sperance, I did those 100 mile drives one way, working. When your holding a hammer in your hand, everything you see looks like a nail! There, did you like that quote, I did, I can relate, I read that the other day on a post written by Franklin Sanders. OK, enough of all that, back to the dreaded oil tax, anybody notice, its been going up, ok, we got a villain now, another sewer gator sighting, Congress is going to investigate, the President seated a panel to get to the bottom of the rising oil price, this perceived excessive spike in the cost of gasoline. Maybe its the speculators, so you got to ask yourself, what are they speculating on, is it the trend, if I’m watching the dollar getting destroyed, that’s what I’m speculating on. This is no defense of big oil here, no doubt we need to bridal that beast, don’t be distracted though, paraphrasing a past president, ITS THE DOLLAR STUPID! The dollar is in collapse, nothing on the network news about any of this, maybe its best, its only worthless paper anyway, right! All right, so I’m gonna try to make some sense of it all for ya all here, if you took an ounce of gold today, went out, bought some of those gourmet tamale’s up in Hollywood, I like the Blue Corn/Green Chili, with Jack Cheese and Spicy Sauce, you would get 447 of them, last week that ounce would only buy you 429 1/2, that’s 17 1/2 more gourmet tamale’s gained in a week brother, I could live on 2 1/2 tamale’s a day for a week! What’s driving up the price of gold is the dollar’s continuing decline, the value of gold never changes, the only thing that changes is how many pieces of worthless paper it takes to buy. It is the dollar’s value driving up the cost of gas as well, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why, ya know I’m beginning to think all this action by the fed is nothing but a remodel on a house of cards. I’m just trying to make some sense out of something that just don’t make no sense!

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