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On Topic Of Threats

“We’re gonna make em pay”, not even proper english spoken from such an highly educated group of women and men. I don’t got much education, I’m a little slow seeing things, this stuff I’m seeing, the bitterness, the hateful words I’m hearing, is confusing, it upsets me. I’m not too smart, I don’t understand how not one Republican, found within him or herself, the courage to vote the other way. Come on, what do we have here, a group of people who all agree with each other, who all believe the same thing, who all agree on everything, sounding a little much like a fairy tails to me, what about integrity, what about doing what’s right, for voting for what you know is right. This may not be fair comparison, I’m no stranger to working with large groups. I know, I’m talking building trades here, what they’re building is the law, what the hell, work with me here, with me, with 200 hands working together, there would be at least 200 ideas to match on how we should progress. Sometimes, old guys got to suck it up, thinking they’ve somehow been there before, sometimes they’ve got to go, follow the lead, they get to go there again. You know, they know what it’ll take to fix it, they know it’s gonna be a pain in the ass, they just got to solder on, hoping someones gonna get it soon, hoping that its the first time around, expect sometimes, the mistake just keeps repeating, you fix it, you accept this, its your job. I’m trying to make a point here, I know, I’ve been rambling off, on some rant, but I was trying to make a point, 34 Democrats voted the other way, voted for what they believed, doing their job with integrity, you know, I get that, I wonder if any Republican strategist threw out, how bout it, could we use a sacrificial lamb, ya think it be smart, have a couple guys vote the other way. Hell they could have brought them back, later, back into their fold, could have said they voted their hearts, for what they thought was right. So here I go, I am really bothered, votes by Congressman, being held against them, I think voting in the Congress should be by secret ballot. I hate to blame it on the lawyers, possibly, back to the concept, never ask a question, you don’t know what the answer will be, I’m bothered by no vote taking place, until all sides had tried having all their members sign the dotted line, they won’t vote until they know the count. Now the votes are counted, guess from all I’m hearing, we’ve moved into an election mode, nasty, negative ads, ripping up, tearing down, the other guy. I don’t know, call me stupid, wouldn’t time be better spent, identifying the unintended consequences of this law, create a strategy, put in motion, steps necessary to make those changes. This is the beauty of our Constitution, it has resilience, it will accept change, it is a document of change. I think about my Uncle Matt, I’m thankful for the times we had together, I’m grateful for him teaching me you get the best view of the game, from seats up in the bleachers. I know now, as I’m sitting up here, taking in all the subtleties of the game, I hear lots of rumors of sewer gators out on the playing field, floating around out there, I’m really scared as hell, I know I’m safe up here. Can’t see any from here, they hide behind, around corners, in darkness, in the shadows you know. I think I’m safe up here…, for now.

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