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On A Roll

I don’t know if you notice, from time to time, I get going on a roll writing words, can’t help but to wonder how things would be different, had I’d been different. I never finished any school, I was just a little wild, I was lucky, at the time, my lifestyle fit the times. Have no misunderstandings here, I wouldn’t change nothing, I was lucky back then! I can remember my father telling me, when I turned 18, I’d be on my own, just letting me know, they’re be nothing he could do, that the day was coming soon, that maybe I ought to start thinking, about figuring out some stuff! I’d always been a sucker, for going off on a roll, growing up, this caused me trouble, sure hope this writing don’t cause no trouble! I haven’t done a thing with my photography, since I started writing these posts, talk about going off on a roll, I’ll get back to photography soon. I don’t know, who knows, this writing now, may just be practice, maybe later on, I bring these words and my photography together. I write this stuff, all on my blackberry, I one finger punch it into my memo pad, I’ll go back, sometimes I’ll correct some grammar, then throw it up. Who is to say, if I’m off, better or worse, the result of my choices, each step, prepares me for the next! I don’t do computers good, I’ve never had one, I try to answer comments to my site, I never really know whether answers are received. I consider myself lucky, being able to get these posts up at all, I know, if I hit the wrong button, I’ll blow it all up. A couple days back, did you notice in my post, when I meant to write, “my old friend Mo”, it published, “my old friend Month”, Mo was a Scotts man, just a little stubborn, this blackberry is stubborn too, this is something, this blackberry insist on doing! Each time I go in, correcting some punctuation, some spelling, Mo is changed to Month, I always try to be careful, writing about my old friend Mo. It may be fixed now, I cried out for help, I spent at least an hour, trying to edit the post, to correct this error, there are some buttons, I’m still too scared to push, I’m scared I might loose it all! Pushing wrong buttons on this thing, when ever I feel I’m pushing wrong buttons, the feeling in my gut I get, not much different than when I’m doing my work, when I’ve got a gang form on the end of a hook, the crane is creaking, the panels stuck, and I’m trying to figure out what to do next, how to break it free. I’m an old guy, I’ve learned its good, knowing when to back off! So let me throw a little of this out there, anyone need a writer, anyone feel like giving an old man a shot? I don’t know, do you see any promise here? And how about those photographs of mine, you know I’m scratching bottom here, I’m beginning to think, I might need to find another way. All the prints, I show on this site, are one of a kind, they can’t be duplicated, they are fiber based, severely toned, archival silver gelatin photographs. A disclaimer: scanned in, tones have shifted, what you view is representative of the work, however, on a monitor they seem a little to heavy to the side of pink. Each one of these photographs were scanned, then put away in a separate box. I counted the steps in the process I used, toning these prints, 53, like I said, they’re one of a kind, I’ll probably never take those steps again, so…, anybody out there?

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  1. Janie

    March 24, 2010 @ 5:56 am

    Hi Ed, I googled how to turn off auto complete on a Blackberry and got this: The only way I know is to “enable multi-tap” while you are in a text entry window by hitting “menu”, but this will stop “sure-type”. You will have to tap keys twice to get second letter on key.
    But,I just checked my blackberry, and when composing an email, I click the menu button,then click edit auto text, I scroll down and see that mo(month) is in the list,so I clicked enter and was able to change what I want mo replaced with. Make sense? Sorry, I know I’m not a big help with Blackberrys. Love the pictures!!! Love you!!!!!

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