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No Justice Still Hope

Have I’ve been banned by the blogosphere, what’s up with my webness, my web accessibility, on Google, can’t seem to find my stuff anywhere, makes me sad, I’m just a little bit mad here too, they’re the only game in town. What I did, on or about March 8 that was so controversial, I sure would like to know, if anything, I gave good reason, for no one to read too deeply into what I write, more and more, I’m just becoming, more and more truthful. I have vanished, no longer listed on the Google Blog Search, its personal again for me, I’ve been banished from their Kingdom. There are stories I have, I can’t wait to write, some stories I have, I’ll never figure out how to tell, a few of late, only came about, only after finley figuring out, a way to get around some curves. I’ve done a lot of different things in life, out earning a living, its not so strange sounding, perhaps hooking up to something new, don’t know if it shows, I’m digging this! I’m really digging writing these words, I really think I cou’da been a contender, had I only stayed back in school! I enjoyed writing back then too, I remember it being harder, thinking up something good to write about, these days, this old man at times, just can’t seem to stop. So let me point out one plus, something, for all you young bucks to look forward to, as your seeing yourself, starting to get old. You won’t have to be out doing all that crazy stuff no more, just rock back, start remembering, and smile, not so much grief this time around. Funny thing about memories, there all good, think about it a while, any struggle you’ve had in life, all the hardship of that time, thinking back on those events, somehow they’re not remembered the same, like magic! I’m gonna stay on this grief stuff a little longer, I’ve got a lot of grief, being booted off the blogs, I try to write good stuff, I try having fun, sometimes, I think I’m pretty subtle, cynicism, that’s hard, I battle hard to keep it out, I find it better, easier, to just be blunt. I know people are reading my posts, what the hell, all last week I heard Boehner screaming ” they’re hiding the vote, there hiding the vote”, if you recall, something I suggested just a couple weeks prior. Seems someone heard something echoing through the walls of Congress. I really try to mix it up here, hard being, all the time, bogged down in politics of the day. I’ve been told I’m out there, for a while there, I really was, my stuff was right at the top of the lists, something happened, OK, maybe my bad, I should know, we don’t write about LSD here, am I sounding paranoid yet, do you know about the pitcher from the Pirates who pitched a no hitter on LSD, heard saying later, he couldn’t see the catchers glove, said he connected to the fluorescent tape placed in the pocket of the mit, he said of the baseball, his pitch, while traveling to the plate, left trails of fire behind. Oh no, there I go again, talking about that funny stuff again , I don’t know, they would never let me in the boy scouts, this stuff I write about, are about my badges, you know, I’m proud of my stinking badges

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