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Nine Dimes

I’ve put them all away for some rainy day, 9/10 of a dollar! In 1970, a dollar was worth 1/35 of an ounce of gold, today that dollar, right now is worth 1/1825.55 of an ounce of gold, I’m guessing that’s just the power of the almighty dollar, or lack there of, what happened? So it turns out, nine dimes minted in 1965 or later ain’t even worth 20 cents, although it takes around $1850 to buy an ounce of gold, when you are using Liberty or Sacagawea dollars, your really only trading $129.50, the current cost of the metal in those coins, for your ounce of gold! Ya got to save all your nickels and pre 1982 pennies though, those pennies are worth $.03, the nickels worth $.07. I’m talking with a guy about doing some work on his house,… ah, seems I could be making real money soon, $1.50 an hour, I’ll work hard at a buck fitty, who knows, if he likes my work, he might just bump me up to two. Now I know, any of you having ended up on my site before have asked yourself, time to time, what…, is this guy nuts, remember, I said real money, he’ll be paying me in 90% silver quarters, half dollars, and dimes. I think I’m gonna go buy a couple rolls of nickels at the bank today, can ya tell I’ve got money on my mind? I’ve been thinking about dollars, about the cost of fuel, if I buy a gallon of gas with four Sacagawea Dollars, I guess I’m trading $.28 of metal for that gasoline, if I’m using Eisenhower dollars it cost me quite a bit more, $.92. What can I say about all those paper dollars, you know we’ve just all been duped, just how in the hell do you give them any value at all, can they keep you warm if you stitch them up into a coat. So how is that currency backed by the full faith of our federal government working for ya…, when it takes about 4 Susan B Anthony Dollars, valued at $.08 each, it seems the price of gas stays about the same, what I’m saying here is the oil company takes in trade, $.32 worth of metal for their gasoline gallon, they give ya a little break if you use Sacagawea or Liberty Dollars. God help ya if your so dumb, as to use those Eisenhower dollars, now that’s gonna set you back! Since 1970 our economy has run on funny money, I have always thought those big wall street guys, all getting big bonuses, was outrageous, now I’m making sense of it all, what the hell, its their scam, they all know what’s up, they all know the real value of this funny money, Christ, its all their money, maybe we need a second currency in our country, a common currency for all us common american working women and men, get paid in and spend real money again! So in 1970 if you were earning $5 an hour, today, on the concept of golds value remains constant, that what changes is the value of the currency you buy it with, with $5, 1/7 of $35, divide $1825.55 by 7, and with all things being equal, and we all know there not, today your wage without even a raise should be $260.79 per hour! Moving on to job creation, they better do some job creating soon, ya know, I’ll admit it, I’m one of the dumb ones, just sitting around, no work around, I’ve been keeping busy though, trying to learn some stuff, I think now I’m catching on, let me tell ya though, what I’m learning scares the hell out of me!

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