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Most Times

I’m first to admit it, most times, I’m the last one to figure things out, now I’m beginning to get it though, ya see, I just finished watching 24, now I know why they do what they do, all those nasty things they do, you know, you never know who, sometimes the bad guys are good too! I’m all mixed up anyway, what are those derivatives all about, I know we got new ones out there to buy, they’re from out in the desert, I think its just another way to drain away more dollars! I know they’re what got us in this mess, I asked the Moonshine Alchemist what these products were about. I told him, I just didn’t understand them, he said that’s the beauty of the instrument, that no one really does. So I’m wondering, what about Rico, I’m no lawyer, its not like I’ve fooled any of ya, huh, but I’ll say once more, what about the Rico Statutes, in situations as these, wouldn’t they apply? I think I need to find a Tea Party Rally, I think I want to close my eyes and dream about that better future, I know they’ll be promising me, hell, if my work would just open up, I’d be better off, that’s the future I desire. So, I wonder what the future will bring, I feel another storm is brewing, its raining money on someone, somewhere today. Who that was, would be interesting to know, thats something I’m not hearing much about, who is making out? All these canceled flights, all right, I know all the airlines, are loosing all their money, how strange, not a word about how this plugs the oil pipeline up, all these flights not flying, that’s a lot of oil, not being burned. It would be interesting to see the data, I know, there’s someone out there, betting on bad times, most times there is! You know, I went to sleep last night thinking about that stuff I covered, over the last couple days, then it hit me, maybe it was a combination of 24, with a commercial or two, addressing animal cruelty issues, it came to me, ya see I’d seen some film on animal research recently, it was disturbing for me to watch, last night, I went to sleep thinking about the people who do these things, wondering what switch is flipped in their brain, what allows them to do these things, then it hit me, even the Kung Fu Hillbilly, has figured this shit out, I just heard him, I watched him on Jerry Springer, sorry, I just couldn’t take any more news. I took in his demonstrations, I watched him say, this was serious stuff he was showing us, not to use it in our homes, not on our kids, not on our dogs, its clear, that Kung Fu Hillbilly knows what’s up! So what am I saying here, well, I’m glad to be done with the news for today, they ain’t telling me what’s up, you know, all that stuff that’s just below the surface. Ya know, you just got to believe, yea right, I’m a true believer. Nothing lately about commercial building loans loosening up, wasn’t that the plan, wasn’t that the reason why they bailed out the banks, wait one minute here, we bailed them out! Its spring time now, I’m gonna put this all in baseball terms here, there throwing us all curves!

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  1. BC

    April 22, 2010 @ 7:34 pm

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

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