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More Cycles!!!

As the molten METAL cools, drop lets of condensation form, WATER falling, flowing into the EARTH, nourishing the EARTH, growing the WOOD that will fuel the FIRE, completing yet another cycle. I met a girl who was from Macau, I’m old, she’s young, in spite of this, we still found stuff to talk about on that long train ride east. We keep in touch since, I wanted more to talk with her about, I started reading some about Macau, things I find fascinating, this place is entirely urban, the most densely populated city on earth, its people are better than 99% literate, people live longer in this city, than any other place on earth. Maybe I’m more tuned in to balance, I talk with my friend Tony from Vegas about balance, he swears I’m speaking a foreign language, maybe its because I’m Libra, you know, just a Well Balanced Dragon, but I notice it, everything I read about Macau, says that it works, everything that I read about Macau, tells me that it shouldn’t, by western standards, any urban area, so densely populated, under so much pressure would certainly be a blueprint of doom. It seems they’ve achieved a balance here, this cycle of the elements may be the key, the Holy Grail, so to speak, of keeping this planet clean. Its pretty simple, if you bring it in, take it out, no different than being in the Wilderness, its all about, being responsible for your own trash

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  1. lynn

    February 17, 2010 @ 5:05 am

    hey ed…so simple yet it seems to elude everyone…love you

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