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Moose Manure

More often than not, things are not as they appear, even as I’ve gone accessing these old files of mine, lodged way in the back of my brain, I’ve been feeling kinda nostalgic, remembering good times, sometimes thinking, maybe, I’d like some of that all over again, then I think again. If our Government would just get out of the business of targetting our own citizens, our economy would be flush. Wait a minute, that all ended way back, remember Helms destroyed all those MK-ULTRA files in contempt of Congress over 35 years back. Twenty years of work, research funded by us, US Citizens, scattered to the wind, I tell ya, I’m sure glad that all ended. I have to wonder what was in those files though, you know, except for knowing Helms died, I don’t have a clue, what went on with Helms, after his contempt of Congress, the contempt he showed for all the Citizens of this Nation. History is myth, I guess Helms place in history, is one of great patriotism. Well I say Moose Manure, what a load of crap, that’s the same kind of shit flying out from Palins mouth. What became so disturbing was how it all began, as a child, I learned of all the horrors of World War II, the Germans, the torture, the crimes against humanity, no one ever told me, America picked up where the Germans left off, maybe they tried, maybe I was just to busy building model airplanes, model cars, working with the airplane glue, to have payed any attention. I guess none of this should bother me, after all, we all learned so much, by all the work of these sick mothers fuckers, regardless that it was at the expense of American Citizens, after all, the end, always justifies the means, maybe we’re all better off now. What was in those files anyhow, what was it, that got those ass holes so scared, was the Johnnie Apple Seed of LSD in the employ of the CIA, was it all just one big national experiment? With 20 20 hindsight, I wonder if anyone wishes we’d had those files back, to really know who did what to who, to know the whereabouts of these ticking time bombs, to identify all the collateral damage caused. Just a wad between your teeth and gums, step up to the mike, your ready to talk some shit! I guess that old broad, out of Alaska, brings her own Moose Manure to the party, I heard no mention of it, as all the chatter surfaced, over her demands for speaking at the University of California, Stanislaus. I thought we were all told she was quitting so that she could do more fishing, is the Tea Party Platform her bait? Like so many things that start well intentioned, this movement has been hijacked, the masses all have become distracted, all whipped up in a frenzy, over our Constitution, over their guns. It would seem to me, time would be better spent, to take some time, brushing up on what our Constitution says, as opposed to getting all caught up in this mass hysteria that is traveling around by bus, across the nation. What I think, and I know, you can’t get a cup of coffee with my thoughts, is that if we are buying it, we damn well have a right to know what we’re buying, we as a Nation, need to stop entrusting our future, to the sick minds, these warped mother fuckers, embedded within our Government Agencies. The catch phraise these days, National Security, any more to me, indicates something EVIL!!!

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