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I could really stand a magic moment here about now, a conciseness among the scholarly, upon reflection on all they saw and heard today, an I get it moment, that they don’t! So I guess in a more perfect world, at dawn tomorrow all parties would begin to gather, to begin getting something done, they know now what the rest of us knew for a while, that these boys got out of control up on wall street, you could see it, their eyes were empty. Then again, you know it could always be because of porn. I tell ya, that sure was some cold bunch, a sort of lizardly looking group of guys with sharp suits, in those hot seats up on Capitol Hill, you gotta ask yourself, would I buy a car from anyone of these men? You know, I’ve been thinking, maybe its about time they give us dumb ones a shot at running things, I just heard today our economy was unsustainable, that we are gonna have to give up something, well you know theres this Afghanistan thing going on, you know, those Afghans beat up everyone, look back through the years, they seem to have powers to crumble empires, maybe we could give up some of that. So here is a dumb idea, why not convict these criminals of Wall Street, fine the hell out of them, sue the shit out of them, give them a bunk, three meals, then work the hell out of them? what do I expect will happen, I expect the best from my Government, my Country, what I wonder, is if once more, I’ll be disappointed. These guys in the banks, up on Wall Street, robbed us, but there not the only ones, there’s people working for our Government, that never work, not a doubt in my mind, it goes far beyond the SEC, top level people with important business, not taking care of that business, dragging the rest of us down that rocky road. I guess the best place to go with this, is what about that change, wasn’t that Obama’s Mandate, it seems pretty simple, if a States Electoral Votes, went to electing the President, wouldn’t you think the Senators, the Representative, of that State, regardless of Party affiliation, should give honest consideration to the Presidents vision. I wish the President would see about putting some of our starving artist to work, the work from artist of the WPA, today are considered,,
as some of our most valued National Treasures. Art encourages creativity, God only knows we could use some of that stuff around here! Things just seem a little out of whack to me, we’ve got a baseball player who just signed a 5 year, 125 million dollar contract, then you got a man, barely by most our standards, barely getting his family by, every day going deep inside the mountain, going to work, powering up the lights that ball player needs to see, is it me, does that sound just a little out of whack? So this is a milestone for me, I learned a lot, seeing those Wall Street guys today, its a little early for the Drunken Dragon Dance, pardon me, if I don’t appear as hopeful as I am, for our future!!!

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