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Funny thing about memories, they only are, living that is, when there are at least two left living, remembering! Seems I’m loosing some of my memory, I’ve been sitting here all day, punching out a post on this blackberry, thinking about, writing about, a grand adventure with an old friend! Out of nowhere, as I was wrapping up some corrections of grammar, of punctuation, I wiped the entire piece out, a new blackberry I know, no excuse, I was out of control, it worries me you see, my friend, one I shared in many great adventures, “MY BROTHER”, went under the knife today. Out of nowhere, today it was odd, me even thinking about this stuff, old stories of clandestine beer runs to Gallop, of fresh water rivers flowing feet beneath the sand, can’t help but to wonder whether this means anything at all! I know it was me, I’m responsible, me aimlessly poking at buttons, but you know, the post just went away! I wonder how my friend is doing, maybe its better that post went away, maybe its better if I check in with him on some facts, I sure hope he’s all right!

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