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Lightning Thunder

What I really need is rain, I’ve gone dry, not that there’s nothing left to write about, my problem is, I just don’t know where to start. So…, once upon a time we had this Country, with a Government, seemingly in tune, with the People that they Governed, our goal of prosperity for all of our Country, for all our people, had priority over profits, it seems anymore, our Government is beholden to the Corporation. It may be time to clean house, to Elect new people into Congress, Working People, People capable of getting something done! I’ve heard this guy Belly Aching, all week long, about how Congress is hiding the Vote. A couple weeks back, if you can recall, I suggested this, Congress can’t function for our interest, bridled back, holding the Party Line. This stuff gets all a bit too confusing for me, I’ve explained, provided reasons for this, in previous post’s. First off, every day I’m saturated with images of People, worse off than me, I guess that’s comforting, I look at my own situation, I’m left feeling things for me, aren’t all that bad. I see the floods, earthquakes, and all the death by disease occurring in my Country, and throughout the World, distracting me. What Congress does, day to day, I’m fed in snippets, its just not honest, striking all those dirty little deals, behind closed doors. Corporate profits have priority over peoples prosperity and that’s just wrong! I want to go back to the olden days! Well I can’t, I bet we could get this going better though, we got to change the rules. When we Vote someone into office, we put our trust in him, to do what’s right for us as a community, not to go to Washington taking sides, you know, following some party line, our Communities have faith they’re willing to work to form consensus on a proper course. What is important for me to know, are all the Special Deals that go down, in the course of making New Law, not the way the Members Vote, and this may be a stupid argument, but if all men are created equal, then why is it, that Members of Congress, cast their Vote in public, and WE THE PEOPLE, cast a secret ballot, these People in Congress in an effort to win at every struggle, have forgotten, that we all don’t always win at every struggle, the goal, over the long haul, is to gain some ground. I hear a ground swell of support, for Voting anyone in office, out, this scares me, I think a better idea, is to try working with what we got. Don’t get me wrong, I know we could stand to thin the heard a little, maybe Vote some Working People in, to make it so simple, that just because your in, your out, is not an answer. So now its all about Sandra Bullock and Jessie James, that will fill a couple minutes a night of news over the next few days, I’ll hear from So and So, about them hiding Votes in Congress again, damn, someone is reading my post’s

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