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Light The Fire

Sitting here, waiting for opening ceremonies to start, I just put on a Neil Young CD, I’m hoping he’s got involved with the games, what if he’s the one who lights the flame! A lot is going on over the weekend, Christ, Sunday, its the Datona 500, I know, if I’m able to scrape some beer money together, I know what I’ll be watching Sunday. What I’de rather be doing, where I’d rather be this Valentines Day, I know it might sounds strange, I’d rather be in Pittsburgh. You see, I met a girl, Xiayi, we met on a train, she was from Macau. So I know, your all thinking, I know, another girl story, so Sunday is Chinese New Year, if I’d been working steady, I would have tried, to take some time, tried to find out a little more of what Chinese New Year is about, it fascinates me, the Animals, the Elements, Yin and Yang. I’ve read a little about the Naga Fireballs, and the of Water Dragons of the Mekong River, I think I could learn a lot, hanging with Xiayi, Celebrating Chinese Style, in Pittsburgh. So I’m still hoping Neil Young Lights The Fire, opening the Games, hope they get him playing a few tunes, he sings a lot about hope, he sings a lot about, what it takes to hold on to some! Xiayi and I spent about seven hours on that train together, it seemed like only one, I live in LA, we’ve stayed in touch, she’s working on her masters, she’s a smart girl! So I’m watching the buildup, to these Games tonight, I see some tragedy, I’m seeing protest in the streets. OK, wait a minute, I thought The Olympic Games were not about protest, that this time was devoted to international sports. I’m not saying these Games, don’t ever become political, I’m only saying, that when they do, it just mucks things up, universally, sometimes the way people act, its just downright rude. I had an Uncle, a Catholic Priest, he spent a lot of years in China, growing up, China, to me, was where you ended up, if you dug your hole too deep. So the first person from China I ever hung with, was half Cuban, we got drunk on Sake, up on Hunter Mountain, Upstate, New York, I guess, back in eighty five, right smack in the middle of those Reagan years, not many Chinese around then. So I’m still waiting to see if Neil Young, shows up, you know, its 8:30 out here, and the ceremonies haven’t even started. I guess it shouldn’t bother me, the protesting, these Games, were never supposed to be about Corporate either, I’m watching this build up here, the interviews, the McDonalds Commercials, and I’m still listening to Neil Young, I’m not letting any of this other crap interfere with my good vibe, how can they, in any good conscience, advertise McDonalds Hamburgers and Fries? This is The Olympic Opening Ceremony Broadcast, that just ain’t right! So I think I heard I’ll get a chance, to hear the full version of We Are The World, in just a few more minutes, there gonna run a bunch more commercials first, ads for cars, ads for movies, so anyhow its about to start, one Minute away, I’m going away, I’m gonna stop here, clean this up and post it, you’ll all see, if I get my wish, Neil Young, Lighting The Fire, Lighting All Our Fires!

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