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Kicking My Addiction To Shiny Stuff

I want to get out, go get a new phone, this blackberry is too old, I’m fighting this urge hard, I’ve never owned an I-Phone before, the name Droid, in and of itself attracts me. So I wonder if Foxconn dropped that idea of installing netting on buildings all around their factory town, 320,000 people living there, working on the assembly lines there, I recall reading yesterday, everyone working on that campus would get a raise, they’re all gonna get their money doubled. Lots of bells and whistles on these new gismos I’ve been hearing about, I’ve yet to get all the chimes on this old blackberry of mine to sound off, I’ve got to start thinking about who’s back I’m breaking, buying all this shiny new stainless steel and glass, I’ll make my dollar have some consequence, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a Thunderbird, if I had a spare $70,000,000, I’d scrape some from the top and get one, I’m beating around the bush here, however, I want a two toned convertible, aqua marine on white, a big V8, so I can burn lots of gas, real shiny, real fast! It would be nice, but ya know its sorta cool not being caught up in all those revenue streams, guess I don’t need to list them for you, they all seem to flow out, away from my village, nothing cycles back to me. I’m healthier for it, riding my bicycle I mean, I don’t think its best, living on the cheap, spending so much of my money on fossil fuel. So this friend of mine has a store up the street, he sells furniture, its all made in China. The quality is good, I’ll bet my brothers in China, the labor force for all those furniture factories aren’t treated so good, I think the way I spend my dollar, can affect the quality of their lives! You know collectively, if I ain’t buying, they ain’t making, come on people, pay attention, they’re jumping off the rooftops at Foxconn, working conditions are so miserable, for real, they’ll just peel them off, pull them in, out of from nets, then throw them back on the line. Just as I know, the sun will rise and set, that the Gulf of Mexico has oil, out of our sight, throughout the water column, the result of disspersents applied, the products offered to us as consumers, are manufactured with slave labor! Its organized, and its criminal, I can remember hearing back in the eighties, that the mob would be legit in twenty years, we’re thirty years out, sure seems a lot of people are out there, skimming from the top. It would be interesting to see a cost breakdown for an I phone, the cost of parts, the labor costs of manufacturing those parts, the cost of labor in assembling those gismos and gadgets, you know, against the retail price of the phone. You know, I think this old blackberry of mine, will do me just fine, I never thought a lot about this stuff before, it takes up a lot of my time and energy just keeping up with Mr and Mrs Jones, hunting down those bargain prices. You know, there are no bargains, you know, I know this post must seem very disjointed, I don’t know, it seems where ever I put my dollars, not a one, has a snowballs chance in hell, cycling back to me! I don’t want to spend on anything manufactured by slaves, just because it goes on out there, out of my line of sight, that doesn’t make it OK. From what I gather, listening to all the primary rhetoric, the Republican Party in California has crafted a declaration of war on labor, union, non union, immigrant, and citizen labor, all labels meant to divide and conquer us. $70,000,000 of her own money to fund a run for governor, I think that’s just obscene, I wonder what will be her payoff, you see the job only pays a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. What is Meg Whitman thinking, I wonder what she’s got up her sleeve???!

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