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Keg Party

This might sound like a silly question, but did someone remember to grab the tap, good thing those Canadian Girls brought bottles, drinking a beer, smoking cigars, celebrating a very big win, I was glad for them, I was sorry seeing such a big deal made of it. Imagine, had there been a Jamaican bobsled team, imagine, what if they had medaled, imagine them wining a gold medal, imagine the stink, their victory celebrations would have caused. So what about Neil Young, I wonder if their just saving the best for last, I’m hoping he’ll be closing the show. Shaun White, and Sarah Palin, Tuesday, the Tonite show, I’m not gonna want to miss this, I can’t help but to wonder whether Shaun White will be hosting Saturday Night Live later. So what’s up with congress today, I saw Eric Cantor talking about what the American People want, I believe he’s only able to speak to what Republicans in the House and Senate want. What should matter to Cantor, is what do the people of his state want, these are the people who put him in office. The Democrats in Congress got their eye on the ball as well, let’s face it, the concerns of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, are all about securing future pay checks for themselves. It must be nice, all these people need to become accountable. This tea party movement, I think is a good thing for the citizens of our country, it gives people a voice, their platform, is not one I agree with, the Keg Party founded 2008 in Portland Maine, at this time has four planks to its platform, also it has a flag. I would like to see this movement go national, to elect a national chairman, to move an alternative voice forward for our country. So at this time I would like to nominate Shaun White as National Chairman of The Keg Party, if nothing else, he understands the concept, pumping up from the bottom of the barrel. Who wouldn’t want to attend a Keg Party, I spoke with Dad today, he told me to sign him up, anyone I’ve talked with about this, is anxious to belly up, to climb on board. Sunday, Thursday, Monday, there all the same to me anymore, used to be, I’d be looking forward any one of these three days, these days, they all just run together anymore, every night it seems The Biggest Looser, is all that’s on the tube. I really need something to break up my days, oh, to look forward to a weekend once more, to be tired at the end of a long week working, being sure to be rested for a Monday morning, early morning start. I’m feeling like the biggest looser about now, sitting around at home all the time, no money to buy beer anymore, forced to view my situation sober. I don’t know about the rest of you, myself, I’m ready for The Keg Party.

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