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Just Keep Pouring Water On That Money Tree

Don’t choke off liquidity, that’s all that’s making this beast keep growing, Raise the Debt Limit, no reason making bankers suffer, ya gotta ask though, by severing the head of this snake, does that cause this snake to suffer? This situation at the FED has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with any of us normal day to day american folk, matters no more to our world, than a hill of beans, actually less, ya know beans you can eat. I think its the rich, this time, who will be twitching, there the one’s holding all the risky paper, their the one’s controlling the media too, not surprising, all the preaching these days, of all this doom and gloom. This money business is nothing but funny business, I want to move back into an industrial revolution, a time of assembly lines, and american labor, living increasingly prosperous lives. Ya know, 30 years ago the mob said all their business would be legit, but ya know, I think those Banksters bumped them mobsters off, I’ll say one thing about the mob, they were always, all about community! Live news coverage of the 405 freeway shutting down, I know this is something I won’t want to miss, some real raw news here, So here is where we are this morning…, third story on the Today Show today was about raising the National Debt, news on news was number one, a jet liner collision on Logan’s tarmac, the number two news story of the day! I’m sick of all this stupid shit, I’m changing channels, I just need a little bit of peace, I need a little quiet today, I know…, I’m going to live coverage of the 405 all shut down, who knows, you never know, someone may just decide to streak across the lane! What’s really going on…? ya know we can’t have what was going on in 1929, start going on all over today again, we just need, at any cost, to keep the Wall Street Sidewalks clean, keep all the blood on the tracks, keep oiling that financial locomotive, keep it rolling all over the American Dream! I watched The Secret Of Oz last week, is there a William Jennings Bryan in the house today???, who will be the great commoner for our day? I’m starting to think he’s gotta be going by a different name, someone out there really just needs to step up and show some balls! John F Kennedy showed some balls, he tried to taking us all to Camelot, he signed executive order 11110, then a few weeks later, he was dead. There will always be the unintended consequences of shutting down wasteful government, you shut down the SEC for example, the entire porn industry grinds to a halt, that’s a lot of people going out of work, ya need lots of support, so to speak, in that business, let’s see, ya need a guy at the ready handling the barf box, then ya need someone standing by with water, and another standing by with lube…, just take a moment, get a visual on that, so what’s my point, just throwing a little sex into this post, you know, just trying to drive my ranking up. Seriously though, back to The Secret Of Oz, its on U-TUBE, about 2 hours, its about more than just an Emerald City, for me it goes a long way, explaining this mess we’re finding ourselves in!

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