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Just Following Orders!!! Just Doing What I’m Told!!!!!

A Wolf Moon, is hanging low over the Hollywood Hills, as I ride my bicycle, up to the gym. I didn’t coin that name “Wolf Moon”, I heard it on the morning news, the Weather Woman at KNBC, Elita Loresca, told me about the moon this morning, she’s the reason, for me getting up early in the morning, she sure gets me in a mood to howl! Back to my point here, the Moon was very beautiful this morning, it certainly was deserving of a name, Elita is very beautiful too, I guess this is all a sign, I bet I get you curious, about where I’m gonna go, with this post, to be truthful, I am tempted, to go off on a tangent here! Better to take care, of what, I was told to do, to talk a little more about photography, about what it means to me. Starting off, I’ll say life is full of unexpected turns and twists, you never know, when you’ll find yourself, in the presence of greatness! I’ve spent the last few days, thinking about, writing about, an old friend, Dylan called him brother, I ain’t seen him in thirty five years, I’m hoping later, that I will! So first off, about this photography thing, there is a lot to say about the people, all the people I wouldn’t have met, hadn’t I had photography, as the thread. Then you got the places, I’m gonna try to keep this simple, I’m only working here, with nine years of school, its a lot about places I get to see, the things I get to see happen! Real basic, by now, I guess, you sense, I payed attention, to that People, Places, and Things thing, they were teaching me, through all those years I spent in school. Seriously though, people, who otherwise, I never would have met, places, I never would have taken time to really see, and Oh, the things, those things I never would have seen, bears chasing bears up trees, turning around, my camera, set up on a scene in front of me, to discover something, unfolding before my eyes, behind me, as I turn. So let me say, something about hanging out, you know, to be in the presence of great men, women too, you know spending a bit of time with them, having them, pass through your life. Ya know, I don’t know, but I think, some kind of vibe surrounds them, that anyone benefits, by having been around them, and that you may find them anywhere! Hell, I remember, running into one of these guys, around the corner from Hollywood and Vine, Jeff West, the man I worked for, building the W Hotel. You can find a record of this work, as it was going up, at
the W Hotel finley opened its doors today. So while I’m on this subject of greatness, I was watching the Outer Limits this morning, you know, that old Sci Fi show, from the late 60s. I was only a kid, when this show ran. I recall my mother, wrestling, with whether we kids, my sisters, and me, should be allowed to watch it, we broke her down, now I know, I didn’t back then, that what worried her, was her children waking up with nightmares. Well we didn’t, and as I watched this morning, it came to me, I thought about, one of those unintended consequences in life, that occur from time to time, Mom, thanks for this memory, Happy Birthday!!!

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