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Job Creation

Meg Whitman is doing it, she’s doing it right now, just think about it, $140,000,000 of her own money, she’s thrown it down, all to secure a job that if she’s lucky, that if she wins, will net maybe 10% of her investment per year. Why on earth would we want to elect her, she’s just too damn valuable as a candidate, it’s in our interest, keeping her coming back, creating jobs, each and every election cycle, this must be what they mean saying jobs are created in the private sector! Is it still the current myth that this will all trickle down, I’m sure hoping so, I sure could use some work, its been over a year for me! Shovel ready shit, she sure shovels some, most every thing I hear from her camp is about how unqualified the other candidate is, give me a fucking break, to believe what she’s spewing, you’d think Jerry Brown was a bum, he’s not, I guess you know now I like Jerry Brown, but hell, what do I know, why would it matter what I like anyhow, I’m just a poor carpenter like Jesus’s father, I’m just looking for the work! Now I’m sure Sara Palin will agree, Meg Whitman says organized labor has him, Jerry Brown, in it’s back pocket. Streamline regulations, I wonder what think tank thought that crap up, and the Republican Candidate for Senator worries about Boxer’s hair. Now I’m a little confused, wait a minute, wasn’t she the one who said she would be talking about jobs, didn’t she say, maybe those jobs needed to be done somewhere else, hey, I’ve got an idea, elect Carley, send her off to Washington, have her perform her corporate magic, you know, that same black magic she conjured up at Hewlett Packard SHIPPING 30,000 JOBS OFFSHORE, ship all the US Senate work off shore, we can get some Chinese Workers doing Senatorial Stuff, what the hell, get Foxcon to create a United States Senatorial Division, damn, that sure should save some serious scratch, we can pay them all minimum wages, hell, no more Senate Pensions either. No more, just like Carley says, maybe some of this work needs to be done someplace else!!!

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