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Its A Beautiful Thing

I’m sure some out there would say its getting kinda ugly, if I had not swapped my silver for gold, I’d agree. Unintended consequences, damn I love em when they’re breaking my way, I’m just a young bull coming in off the pasture, out of the rain, searching out some shelter from this passing squall. My buddy Tony tells me I’m talking like a crazy man, North Carolina Bob says not so fast! Gold this week has tanked, down about 50 bucks an ounce, I traded to gold last week, guess looking at this news, you’d have to say I lose. The gold silver ratio was at 32 when I made my swap, today it’s at 40, and climbing more, that’s an 8 ounce silver gain. This week, silvers down about ten bucks, I guess that don’t sound quite so bad, if I’d be holding about 100 ounces right now, I’d be down about a grand. Now I got this really smart friend, Vegas Tony, this whole ratio trading thing confuses the hell out of him, I think he’s a little distracted by the dullness of the dollar, its lack of luster, myself these days, I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of all that stuff that shines. I’m still suspicious though, wondering what I may have missed, wondering if I’m about to get bit! So if today I’d swap back to silver from gold, in silver ounces I’d gain eight, I know the trade is $1500 worth of gold for $1500 in silver, I think I’ll just wait, I made good gains in silver, right now I’m staying sheltered in gold. In just one week, the ratio expanded, what took a month to compress, I have no idea what these metals are gonna do. Wait a minute, let me re phrase, I have no idea where the price of these metals are gonna go, what I do know is this ratio will change, swing back, like a pendulum, by swapping at tops and bottoms you get more ounces! Sitting back, watching fortunes in gold and silver gutted, I’m cool, sorta looking like a perfect storm to me, right now gold is down 0.91%, silvers down 6.24%. So I guess, to sum it up, my theory is based on more is better, I don’t really care right now about the cost. Upon first learning of this ratio trading strategy, in summery I read, just count your ounces in the end, just forget about the buck. My silver gained value, now I have gold holding those gains, this is that unintended consequence, do you ever feel like you’re the last one to know? Most of you know now, I’m loving this shit, let me rephrase again, I’m loving all that shiny stuff, coins of silver and gold are money, swapping to and from, more exciting than a horse race to me, compared to a Facebook…, it’s just leaps and bounds beyond!

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