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I’m Gonna Break It Down

You buy 100 ounces of silver at $29 an ounce, at this time gold is $1391 an ounce, the gold silver ratio is at about 1/48. Silver gets up close to $50 an ounce, gold goes to $1550, the ratio now is at about 1/32. You trade your silver to gold, you get 3 ounces and a couple hundred dollars back, so your $2900 in, if gold goes all the way down to $1000, you still would be about $300 ahead. Now…,Speaking of silver, on this site, there are also images, my silver prints, photographs, perhaps buried a little to deep, if your interested, here is how you get there. Click on the category photo gallery, scroll down to Gettysburg, beneath the title is not what I would call text, I guess you’d call it photo code, anyhow, click on that post, you’ll see a few photographs come up, beneath them you will see “the alchemystic photography of ed simmons”, click on that, it will take you off into a large body of work.

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  1. Joe, the genious

    May 8, 2011 @ 11:38 pm

    If I thought gold was going down to $1000, I would sell at the $1550 and be $1950 ahead instead of #300 ahead….$1650 extra profit….If I then thought that gold was heading upward after it fell to $1000, I would take my $4850 (my initial investment of 2900 plus my 1950 profit = 4850)and buy almost 5 oz of gold with it. Then when gold went back up to 1550, I would sell my 4.85 oz of gold for $7517.
    When gold dropped to $1000 I would buy 7.52 oz of gold and wait till it went back to 1550 to sell for $11,656….I would keep doing it until I was a millionaire…it’s so easy.
    Only problem is that I have never met anyone that can predict the future…and timing the market is almost impossible to do.

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