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i’ll Find Out Soon

I’m wondering about my trade, swapping silver for gold, late last week I felt it was the safe move, accept the ratio could be falling some more, just a conservative move on my part, just protecting some of my gains, content to sit back and wait for the ratio to start swinging back the other way. What I’m wondering about…, lately I’ve been reading stuff, it just may be I swapped out my silver at the perfect time, that would sure be something, I’d sure know I’d found a talent, a hidden talent, no really, I know it’d be nothing but luck. But wait a minute, I’m getting a little worried now, wondering, if that be me, using up all my beginners luck? Well let’s see… So silver is down 50 cent, gold is up $14.42, the ratio is climbing, an extra 3/4 ounce of silver to buy your ounce of gold, it all looks good, everything’s under control. Wait a minute, I’m still a little scared, what about my luck, I’m part Irish, sometimes I think the only luck I got is my beginners luck, certainly better than none, but what if I’ve used all that new luck up? Brother, it is what it is, I got to go back, back to what it was that I intended to do, I know, I’ve heard it before, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but I traded just to be safe! I’m thinking maybe next time, I better work harder at staying safe. About an hour in, about a half hour away from the Hong Kong Market opening, the ratio is up at 36.13, that’s about four more ounces of silver with a dime you’d need now to buy your ounce of gold from spot on fridays comex close. I know, it ain’t over till the bell is rung, that’s about 10:30 Monday, LA time, I’ll say this now, last weekend, Sunday afternoon, watching all the metal charts hint at a move the other way had me feeling pretty helpless, Tuesday I was feeling good, sorta convinced myself that what I saw on Easter Sunday was just a burp, I was sure the ratio was still going down to 20, I was warned a while back from Ben at www.the-moneychanger.com that the ratio would only go as low as 30, I watched as it got near there twice! I will say this, if I was watching, sitting on silver, with an intention to swap on the ratio swing, I’d be concerned, just as soon as I could, I would be going gold!

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