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Ignorance,Innocence, And Just A Little Luck

I’m new here, a little green behind the ears here, with all this stuff, I’m no silver guru, just trying to learn a little something of this shiny stuff, always adjusting a little as I move along. I’ll tell ya though, I almost panicked Monday, watching the metals charts, their actions all seemed a little bit odd to me, I had read some stuff lately saying it could soon all come to a crashing end, for about 2 weeks on, I’d been hearing tales the time was now to trade from silver to gold! I would like to see gold at $1600, $80 silver, that would be my perfect world, I really like the number 8, I think I need to take a hard look sometime around May 18 at the gold silver ratio!!!, I think right now I’m gonna take a break! Get me some coffee, look over all those charts again, you see I do all this computer free, guess you’d say I’m just winging it here, just my Blackberry and me! “Too many Black Swans out on the horizon”, I’ve got a friend who filters out all the noise, today he asked me where was I, 8 years back, rhetorical, we were hanging out on South Street then, I told him, he knows me, he knows I’m always just a little slow. He told me this year, these boys in the metals market might not be shuttering up their shops, maybe no shutdown for summer vacations this year, he told me this year, the market might continue moving right straight through till fall, right now gold is up 1.16%, silver up 6.97%! This all works well for me, you know, my strategy, silver out pacing the gold, the ratio is down 5.36%, now at 31.23, any bets on whether the dollar is down as well…? So what do I think,…, the markets cleaned a little house early in the week, I’ve got my ducks all in line, it was a fight from within, for me not to make the call to trade the other day, its really hard not to panic, hard to remember, I’m here working a plan. I just didn’t like feeling hung out, you know, flapping in the breeze, watching that ratio rise through that long Easter break. Greed, it sure takes up all the room in this room, it seems when its around, there’s no more room left for me! For me to make that trade, If I make the trade, am I motivated by greed, I’m a small player here, I get lots of help from my broker, from some friends too, this is all complicated stuff for me, then again, if I break it down, ain’t nothing but a little bit of Alchemy! On so many levels! “Don’t Piss Off Your Broker”, on second thought, I’m changing my position, my buddy told me, call it what it is, your hedging, hell, I’m just trying to guard my position! Damn this was easy, my broker Stuart, at Aurum Advisors is great, all along he’s been hearing me rattle on and on about this ratio trading strategy I want to put to work, I’ve been warning him that at any time I could want to pull the trigger, I called today, 10 minutes before the comex close, I surprised him, he said he would call me back. I reminded him that I had been warning him, maybe after him hearing my Tamale/Silver ratio rant, nothing much I’d say would grow any legs with him, So I’m standing now, holding an extra ounce of gold, a ratio of 48/1 would of got about 2 oz., With one hundred silver ounces, today with the ratio at 32/1, that hundred buys me three! My buddy Bob told me today, when your sitting around, feeling good about what you’ve got going on, feeling like your making all kinds of money off of what you’ve got going on, its probably a good time to get out!

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    April 30, 2011 @ 2:53 am

    Awesome read , I am going to spend more time reading about this subject

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