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Ides Of March

Ides have a whole different meaning for me now, I first heard about them way back when, told to beware of them by Shakespeares soothsayer, at least to beware the Ides of March. I always thought there could be more of them, say of October, of June. In toning my photographs I use sea water from different oceans, of both west and east coast, also I use different salts, from all across the world. There are some new photographs, that are old photographs I’ve made, that will be going up soon on this site. For a while now, they’ve been scanned, Dan, “The Man” holds them in his hands right now, we’ve been waiting for the right time to throw them up. I shook out my excessive toning techniques, my process, making these prints, I’ve kept them in a separate box, like all my work, each piece has a story, uncanny, how I recall, what I thought, how I felt, what was going on in my life, as I exposed each sheet of film. Like all other work I have on this site, each one of these brutally toned, archivally processed, silver gelatin photographs are unique, each one, one of a kind. I started out today talking about ides, what I’m speaking to, are halides, salts, some science here, chloride, bromide, anything that ends in an ide can effect change in my photographs. These halide molecules are an interesting bunch, very social, freely, given the opportunity, will change partners, mix it up a little. Let me turn off the main drag for a minute here, I want to talk a little about this essay I read on global warming. You’ll have to read it for yourself, myself, I keep running it over, over and over through my brain, I keep going back, keep re reading it again. I know there’s something there, he’s talking about electrons jumping ship, the very thing that goes on, the same stuff that’s effecting my prints. What is so fascinating, what’s so compelling about his writing, he’s not bound by current myth, “He’s Green”, from all I read, he cares deeply about our planet, he offers up some opposition to the myths generated by all sides. Check it out! www.thebear.org
So, back to the ides, no, not of August, don’t you remember, halides, those friendly little molecules, their electrons ready to jump ship any chance they get. When I get ocean water, I never really know what I got, a bit serendipitous, its like watching the hour hand of a clock, by the time you notice its moved, its already too late. A lot of songs have been written about this shit, about folding up your cards, knowing when to walk away, never knowing somethings done, long after its over. In the dark room, I see a lot, I learn a lot, lots of time thinking about things, understanding what I got going on in my trays, is no different than what’s going on in the world. Anybody know anything about the fractals out there?

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